Research Paper on Employment Discrimination

The concept of employment discrimination includes discrimination during hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, and compensation.

In many cases, such discrimination is prohibited. Often there are prohibitions of discrimination on some specific grounds. Different attitudes to certain groups is also possible.

In the case of prohibited discrimination, it takes hidden, changed forms, manifesting itself as age discrimination or persecution of certain groups of workers. In addition, employees did not always seek to counteract similar treatment.

Like any discrimination, employment discrimination may be intentional or unintentional, based on prejudice or ignorance.

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Radio Advertising Research Paper

Radio advertising (radio ad) refers to the broadcasting of advertising during radio shows. Mostly, it is designed by advertising agencies on behalf of a trademark owner or product provider. Radio advertising is produced mostly by recording studios, which are responsible for the casting of the speaker, music research and composition, sound design and the final sound mix. Radio stations broadcasting the ads take the payment by time (seconds) tariff.
Radio advertising is a secondary medium as it can be performed on the ground of other human activities (driving, housework, reading a newspaper, etc.), when our attention is reduced. This must be considered in the design of radio ads. At radio advertising producing, all the elements, used at producing other types of advertising, are used: drama elements, language (dialog/monologue), voice (tone or intonation) music (especially vocal/rap, song, jingle), sounds, live moderation, atmospheric impressions, silence and special items such as the acoustic logo/sound logo. In addition, specific dramatic pattern is the basis for commercials in radio ad. Verbal or tonal/musical design procedures, testimonial, real or fictional radio piece, interview, or jingle can be used. Continue reading

Research Paper on TV Ratings

As a basic concept when assessing television audience is TV rating (TVR, basic rating), expressed as a percentage of the audience size during a specific time period.

What is the TV rating needed for?

Advertisers are using the ratings to determine the number of people who will be able to see the message. The ratings are used by TV channels to assess the quality of their broadcasts. The channels management wants to get rid of low quality or unpopular program, which they determine by these ratings, as quickly as possible because they can lose their audience to other channels.

Based on these ratings, TV channels set advertising rates in a TV show or series or movie, at one time or another. To measure the audience usually average rating is used. A TV viewer watching broadcast from the beginning to the end, is counted as one. Watching a half of the given broadcast is 0.5, and so on. The rating of 15-minute interval (slot) is usually denoted as RQH (quarter-hour rating). Continue reading

Research Paper on Decision Making Models

Decision-making models can generally be categorized into one of three types: classic, administrative, or political model. The choice of model depends on the personal preference of the managers, on programmed or non-programmed the decision is, as well as to the degree of the risk, uncertainty, or ambiguity.

The classic model is based on the economic performances. This model has evolved under the influence of the literature on management. The main tenet here was that managers should try to find a reasonable solution that will serve the highest interests of their organizations.

The model is based on the following performances:

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John Lennon Research Paper

John Lennon was a British musician, poet, composer, painter, and one of the founders of the legendary British quartet The Beatles.

John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool (United Kingdom), from his childhood, John was suffering from congenital myopia (and wore glasses) as well as dyslexia, a disease that makes people confusing letters in words. Perhaps both defect had a strong impact on peculiarities of perception of the world by John Lennon, on his artistic thinking and poetic talent. Perhaps his parents constant arguing and then their divorce and his mothers death under the wheels of a police car when John was eighteen could also have an impact as later, John Lennon devote a few of his songs to his mother.

In 1956, John Lennon with school friends made The Quarrymen, a local band where John Lennon played the guitar. July 6, 1957, John Lennon met Paul McCartney, who soon joined The Quarrymen. John Lennon went to Liverpool College of art, where he met his first wife, Cynthia Powell. Continue reading

Tourism Marketing Research Proposal

Tourism marketing is the process of making the tourism industry and its elements popular among tourists. The process of tourism marketing is becoming more and more relevant nowadays, because tourism industry increases its popularity rapidly. Every year millions of tourists travel all over the world improving their background knowledge, broadening their outlook and entertaining. The sphere of tourism marketing is quite wide, because it involves a great number of components which are essential for the quality organization of the successful process of travelling. The businessman who has decided to establish his own tourism business should bear in mind that it consists of numerous elements – recreation, hostels and hotels, restaurants, theme parks, museums, etc.

It is important for the owner to advertise his business in the proper way mentioning the name of the institution, its location, menu, list of services, the climate of the place (for those who are seeking for recreation at the seaside or longing for various winter sports or climbing at the mountains), etc.

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Research Paper on Billy Graham

William Franklin Graham (November 7, 1918) is an American religious and public figure, Minister of the Baptist Church. A member of the largest Baptist Association in the world, Southern Baptist Convention. For many years, he is the spiritual adviser of the United States Presidents.

Use free example research papers on the topic to know that Billy Graham was born in North Carolina into the farm family of father William Franklin Graham and his mother Morrow Coffey. He was brought up in the Reformed Presbyterian Church Association. In 1933, when prohibition was repealed in the United States, his father made him and his sister drinking beer till Billy started to vomit, which gave him a persistent aversion to alcohol.

According to his official biography, Billy Graham became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1934, after he heard a series of sermons by evangelist Mordecai Ham. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Workforce Diversity

Workforce diversity is the complex of differences and similarities between the employees of different gender, religious views, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical abilities, etc. The main idea of workforce diversity is to make the working staff different in order to provide the people who belong to ethnic minorities, different sexual orientation, who belong to different culture, etc with the opportunity to work in the same way and in the same conditions as the absolute majority of employees. It is quite natural that people who have physical disabilities, who belong to another ethnic background and have different religious views, are often limited in their opportunities to find a good job and to work in the same way as the rest of people. In the modern time of globalization and increase of the respect of the human rights it is immoral to limit people in the choice of career just because they are different. Continue reading

Research Paper on Sports and Drugs

Sports and drugs is a problem of using in the sport not only drugs, but any substances of natural or synthetic origin, that allows to improve athletic performance. Such substances can dramatically raise the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems and muscle strength, it also includes drugs that stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins after exposure to stress on the muscles. A huge number of drugs are prohibited for athletes during the competition. A modern concept in the field of anti-doping in sports of the higher achievements is provided in the code of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency, established on the initiative of the International Olympic Committee-IOC). WADA publishes annually the list of banned drugs for athletes and new versions of so-called standards: international standard for laboratories, the international standard for testing, or the international standard for therapeutic exemptions. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Role of Motivation in Learning Process

Motivation in learning process is the action of encouraging the student to develop his knowledge and to get involved into the educational progress. It is natural that the process of education requires the participation of the two sides – the student’s and the teacher’s side. The role of the teacher is not just to provide the student with knowledge and facts on the topic under research but also motivate his learning constructively. There are two types of motivation – outer and inner ones and both types coexist and help student in the process of learning. The outer motivation is the encouragement of the student from the sides of a teacher, parents, friends and the society. Obviously, the student who is motivated, supported and encouraged studies better, because if one becomes interested in education, he is able to learn more material and gain deeper knowledge on the problem. The main teacher’s duty is to make the student interested in the subject, the process of research and improvement of his knowledge and when this aim is achieved, the student will be able to study without any outer motivation. The inner kind of motivation is the student’s personal understanding of the value of education and the benefits which can be gained when the student improves his knowledge and skills.

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