Equal Opportunity Employment Research Paper

Research Paper about Equal Opportunity Employment:

Equal opportunity employment is the law, which was designed to protect employees against any form of discrimination in labor relations.

As a study conducted in 2007-2008 by Centre for Social and labor rights shown, such discriminations is a common enough occurrence. About 14% of workers faced discriminatory practices in labor relations; about 60% of job advertisements published in the media, contain discriminatory requirements for applicants for a job. Meanwhile, the power of the legislative development of legal issues, as well as the number of research and practical recommendations on the work of lawyers representing the victims of discrimination in the courts are clearly insufficient.

College students who writes their research paper on equal employment opportunity should understand that discrimination in employment and labor relations takes many forms. All forms of discrimination are characterized by one common feature: Continue reading

Research Paper on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Research Paper:

Tiger Woods (born Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, December 30, 1975) is an American golfer, one of the most prominent sports personalities of the late XX-th – beginning of XXI-st century. In 2008, Tiger Woods was the best paid athlete in the world, earning a year approximately 110 million U.S. dollars in the form of prize money and advertising revenue.

As of summer 2009 Woods won 14 tournaments and 67 four most prominent tournaments by Professional Golf Association. He is the youngest golfer, who managed to win a Grand Slam for his career (i.e., he won all four major annual golf tournaments within one calendar year).

Those who write have to know that his father, Earl Woods, was African-American and professional soldier in the green berets with Chinese and Indian ancestry. His Mother, Kultida Woods, comes from Thailand and also has Chinese, African, and Dutch origin. Continue reading

Quantum Computing Research Paper

Research Paper on Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing is a computing that uses quantum mechanics to perform specific types of calculations. For general calculations, quantum computers are not faster than today’s computers, but when in January 2014 Google tested a quantum computer, D-Wave 2 revealed that the for some special problems was 35,000 times faster than a normal computer.

The basic unit of quantum computing is the qubit. Such data units can take the values ​​zero (0), one (1) or a super value that are both zero and one at the same time. The main challenge in the design of quantum computer is to develop a system that can read or change qubit state, so that the correct “answers” can be read.

University student preparing their quantum computing research papers should learn that a quantum computer can basically do everything a regular computer can do. In order to exploit the special properties of quantum computer is required, however, special methods of calculation algorithms. Examples of such algorithms developed are Shor’s Algorithm for Prime Factorization of integers, and search and sort algorithms. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Unilever

Unilever Research Proposal:

Unilever is the Anglo-Dutch company which is called one of the leaders in the production of the consumer goods, foods products, cleaning agents, perfumes, etc. The company is headquartered in London and Rotterdam. Unilever was founded in 1930 after the union of the two companies: the Dutch producer of margarine “Margarine Unie” and the prominent British company which specialized in the manufacturing of soap “Lever Brothers”. The logic of the union of these two different companies is quite simple, because both companies imported the same product for the production of their goods – the palm oil, which was imported from the foreign plantations. Both firms decided to save money on the transportation and purchase of the oil and bought it in the high quantities reducing expenditures and increasing profit. Continue reading

Epigenetics Research Paper

Research Paper on Epigenetics:

Epigenetics is the part of the genetics that treats changes in gene expression or phenotype that is independent of changes in DNA sequence. Epigenetics is about how DNA is read, and how DNA is expressed. The cell’s state in this respect – that is, its epigenome – can lead to genes reprogramming and therefore is expressed differently than the DNA signal. The epigenome is affected by the external environment (diet, toxins, hormones, etc.), and after four generations of the same environment it becomes hereditary.

Students preparing their research paper on epigenetics have to learn that in multicellular organisms several different cell types develop that give rise to various tissues and organs. This differentiation into different cell types occurs by enabling and disabling genes. When the differentiated cell divides, gene expression is maintained in daughter cells, so-called epigenetic inheritance. Epigenetic mechanisms are influenced by factors such as age, chemicals, drugs, and diet. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Tourism Management

Tourism Management Research Proposal:

Tourism management is the activity aimed at the appropriate organization of tourism industry for its maximum benefit. Nowadays, tourism has become one of the most profitable types of business, because more and more people decide to travel to different countries, especially the exotic ones in order to broaden their horizons.

The popularity of tourism is also connected with the growing effectiveness of transport. It is not a problem to cross thousands of miles in several hours and visit any part of the world without any additional efforts. Tourism management is the sphere of the human activity which is supposed to make tourism interesting, attractive, easy and affordable for everyone. It is natural that the number of people who want to visit other countries and learn about other culture is growing gradually and the task of the tourism management is to advertise the place of interest in such a way to attract as many tourists as possible and make money. Continue reading

Research Paper on Mormonism

Mormonism Research Paper:

Mormonism is a religion with over 14 million practitioners, of which a large part (though a minority) lives in the country United States. Its followers are called in the vernacular Mormons. Mormons believe that Mormonism is a branch of Christianity; however, this claim is challenged by many Christian denominations as Mormons generally do not believe in a triune God or their canonized scripture is limited to the Bible. Mormons believe in the Bible but believe further revelation and also other scriptures including The Book of Mormon and has hence been dubbed the “Mormons.”

It is important for students writing their research paper on Mormonism to understand that the cornerstone of the Mormon theology is the doctrine of “recovery,” according to which after the death of the first apostles of Christ Church stays disappeared from the face of the earth. Only after many centuries, in 1820, God chose Joseph Smith to restore it through the actual training and actual organization of the Church. After Smith’s death as a “prophet, seer, and media revelations” there were fifteen presidents of LDS Church. Continue reading

Free Research Paper Example for Students

Extent of Samaritan Jew Entrapment between Israeli Jews and Palestine Arabs

The Samaritan Jews are a relatively small group of ethnocentric people who until recently lived a life immune to the current dynamics of geopolitical turmoil. They are believed to have come from the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, but the current debate has little to do with ancestral origins. This paper explores their origin and struggle for acceptance and definition. On one side, the Jews in Israel claim Samaritan Jews have always been a part of their people – although slightly alienated for cultural purposes, while Palestine Arabs also lay claim to the same community especially in light of the current struggle for West Bank. In addition to these issues related to their identity crisis, we shall also try to delve into their religious affiliations, religious ties with Nablus and Holon as well as their position on Jewish and Arab religions. Finally, we shall explore Samaritan Jew wars with either side in relation to the mentioned regions, and eventually carry out a compare and contrast exercise between them, Israelite Jews, and Palestinian Arabs.

When the creators of Israel as a state envisaged their dream, they did not adequately factor in consideration for the roles of the minority Samaritan and Karaite ethnic groups that were on the sidelines. Although their existence had long been subject to the shifts in the geo-political environment of the region, they had not considered the tricky place people such as the Samaritans would find themselves by the establishment of Israel as a state. These minority groups found themselves in the centre of a heated battle between their Jewish cousins on the Israeli front and the Islamic counterparts on the other. Continue reading

NATO Research Paper

Research Paper about NATO:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, also called the Alliance (from Atlantic alliance) is a politico-military organization that brings together many Western countries with the first obj=ective to ensure their common defense against external threats and maintain stability on the European continent. Its headquarters, initially located in London and then Paris, since 1966 is located in Brussels, and his military command (SHAPE), initially located at Rocquencourt (France) is now in Mons (Belgium).

College student writing their research paper on NATO must know that the Organization was born 4 April 1949 following negotiations launched by the five European countries that signed the Treaty of Brussels (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and United Kingdom) with Canada and the United States and five other European countries invited to participate (Denmark, Italy, Iceland, Norway, and Portugal). Other Western countries joined later, but five European nations (Austria, Finland, Irish, Sweden, and Switzerland) do not belong to NATO because they are militarily neutral. However, their armies corresponds to the standards set by NATO. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Role of Media

The Role of Media Research Proposal:

Media is the complex term which can be understood as the means of mass communication which work for the supply of people with information of all kinds. The role of media can not be overestimated in the modern society, because the current time is the age of information and information is treated like the most valuable resource. There are many functions which are fulfilled by media. For example, media informs about the current news which has occurred in the country and all over the world. The information can be of the educative and entertaining type and it transmitted with the help of television, the Internet, radio, press, etc. Media does not only inform about the current events on the planet, but also educates people. If we take television, the Internet, scientific journals, etc, we will see numerous programmes, movies, audio reports, articles about various issues on history, biology, ecology, geography, philosophy, politics, etc. Continue reading