Human Geography Research Proposal

Human geography is the system of geographical sciences which embrace the territorial organization of the society, its rules and laws of its existence. Human geography is divided into the economic, social, political and cultural geography. Human geography is a very complicated science which consists of numerous branches – the research of the geography of the human settlements and the peculiarities of the human choice of the place of living; health geography; geography of development, etc. Human geography originated as the economic geography in the first part of the 20th century due to the starting process of globalization, the development of transportation and growing frequency and quality of the international relations. Obviously, human geography is interested in the human live in different areas on Earth focusing on the different spheres of the human activity – education, science, economy, politics, culture, etc. Continue reading

Cancer Biology Research Proposal

Cancer biology is the branch of biology which studies the peculiarities of the development, cause and effect of cancer of all kinds among human beings and animals.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells which cause harm to the human organism, because when the cells in the certain tissue grow chaotically all the time, tumors appear which cause harm to organs and tissues of the human body preventing them from regular functioning. There are no less than 100 types of cancer which affect various organs of the human body. They can attack nervous tissues, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestion systems, the human muscles and other parts of the organism. Cancer occurs when the cell life cycle is broken. Normally, the cell appears, develops and dies, but when it does not die, the quantity of the cells in the definite part of body starts to increase constantly forming a tumor. Continue reading

Mountaintop Removal Research Paper

Many environmentalists consider that the so-called Mountaintop Removal Mining inflicts a huge damage to the environment. According to new researches such type of mining must be stopped immediately, because it inflicts not only a serious and of long duration damage to the environment but also presents a danger to people’s life, causing a lung cancer and birth defects.

Use free sample research paper on mountaintop removal to learn that.the company of 12 scientists, hydrologists and engineers conducted to date the widest analysis of the damage caused by mountaintop removal mining. Their conclusions were published in the Science magazine, results shocked many people. The group of scientists presented their report to the US government about the necessity to stop this method of mining.
“This is the first time that scientists gave political recommendations, but in this case their demands were very certain.” – Margaret Palmer, environmentalist from the Center of ecological sciences of the Maryland University, said. Continue reading

Badminton Research Paper

Badminton is a sport in which players are situated on opposite sides with a net between them and throw a shuttlecock over the net by the shots of rackets, aiming to keep it on air when it is over their side. It takes two players or two pairs of players to play. Badminton is included in the program of the summer Olympics since 1992.

Use free sample research paper on badminton to learn that in the XIX century, the English officers serving in India addicted to the ancient Indian game named Puna that is considered to be the prototype of modern badminton. Englishmen brought it with them for playing to their motherland.

Modern tradition of game takes beginning in England, in the ancient farmstead of Badminton House, proprietor of which, well-known sport enthusiast and publisher of series of books on sport, duke Beaufort, erected in 1873 the first ground for playing badminton. In 1893, the England Association of Badminton published the first regulation on the game official rules. Continue reading

Research Paper on Legalizing Euthanasia

The modern liberal fight for legalizing euthanasia becomes an ideological form of influence on human will, suggesting to the man that it is necessary to live as long as possible

Writing a research paper on legalizing suicide requires a comprehensive approach, covering every single aspects of the issue. Free sample research proposal can be used as an example of such a systematic approach.

In spite of the fact that we live at the beginning the XXI century, most “new” and “progressive” ideas on a check appear only the revival of old errors. And one of them is the motivated connection of the physical suffering, illness and suicide. In his fundamental research “Suicide,” first published in Paris in 1897, David Émile Durkheim, analysing statistics of suicides, comes to the conclusion that the generally accepted reasons for suicide, in particular illnesses and physical suffering, in reality are not the real reasons. To the real reasons, converting a man into a self murderer, Durkheim dares to attribute some of society faults: the state of moral disintegration, disorganization, weakening of social interaction, destruction of the collective state of consciousness, id est religiousness. Continue reading

Health Economics Research Proposal

Health economics is the branch of economics which studies the effectiveness and affordability of healthcare services for people. Briefly, it embraces the issues on healthcare system and principles, rules, standards and aspects of economics. It is natural that healthcare is a very expensive and troublesome sphere of the human activity, because even the developed countries have problems with the successful organization of their healthcare systems and reforms, as the sphere is associated with serious consumption of money and resources. It does not worth mentioning that the sphere of healthcare involves many resources and professional skills of physicists who are supposed to provide people with the top level services. Health economics touches upon the issues on supply and demand of healthcare services, their price, the factors which influence the quality of health and cause risk to the human life and health, etc. Continue reading

Federal Reserve System Research Paper

Federal Reserve System or FRS is specially created on Decembers, 23, 1913 independent federal agency for implementation of functions of the monetary authority and realization of the centralized control over the commercial banking system of the United States of America. Founding for the creation is Law on Federal reserve. The state plays determining role in the management of the FRS, although the pattern of ownership of capital is private: joint-stock with the special status of shares of stock.

The college students interested in writing free sample research papers on Federal Reserve have to know current functions of the FRS:

  • performance of duties of the US Federal Bank;
  • maintenance of the balance between the interests of commercial banks and national interests;
  • providing of supervision and regulation for bank institutions;
  • protection of credit consumers;
  • management by money creation (with quite often conflicting aims: minimization of unemployment, maintenance of stability of prices, providing of moderate interest rates);
  • providing of stability of the financial system, control of system risks on financial markets;
  • providing of financial services to the depositarys, including to the US government;
  • participating in functioning of the system of international and internal payments;
  • solution of liquidity problems at the local level.

Continue reading

Memory Loss Research Paper

Memory loss, or transient global amnesia, is temporal memory disorder, when a part or all memories disappear temporally. The patient often cannot remember, where he is, and the way he got there; he is unable to remember what was happening a few hours, days, and even years ago. As a rule, memory loss the patient eventual is able to remember, who he and everybody around is, but this does not make the problem less considerable. Fortunately, such a disorder happens rarely, practically does not harm the patients and probability of its reiteration is very small. As a rule, the episodes of brief loss of memory end quickly, and after it memory is completely restored.

To write an interesting research paper on memory loss, it is important to take into account all possible aspects of the considered phenomenon. That will allow you to prepare a successful research proposal and prove the urgency of the chosen topic. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Microfinance Institutions

Microfinance institutions are the financial institutions of different types which fulfil the function of crediting small business. It is natural that small firms will never exist without the support of microfinance institutions which lend money to the novice businessmen regarding the quality of their business plans. Obviously, small business is a very important branch of the state’s economy, because it provides smart and creative people with the chance to start their own business and produce something useful for the society. The majority of the wise and talented people did not open their potential just because of the unfavourable financial background. Microfinance institutions have the duty to provide people with credits which can be spent on starting one’s business. These institutions observe small business and its development form the point of view of two aspects – economical and social. Continue reading

Innovation Management Research Proposal

Innovation management is the complex of actions which are aimed at the maintenance of the competitiveness and development of business with the help of the mechanisms of management of innovative processes. The objects of innovative management are innovations and innovative processes. Innovative process is the process of creation, mastering, spread and use of the innovation of practice.

The innovative process can be applied to the goods and services through the fundamental research, marketing and sale and this process means the transformation of the idea into goods. Generally, innovations can be divided into product, technological and managerial, though all these innovations are interconnected and are applied in the process of production. Continue reading