Organizational Theory Research Paper

Research Paper on Organizational Theory:

Organizational theory and organizational research study, investigate and explain the organization – its origin, its existence and its functioning – as well as immanent organization behavior (known as Organizational Behavior). There are a variety of theories of organizations, as organizations are highly complex entities and the subject area of organizational theory is very broad. All approaches in the organization theory and its objective are the same, while each examines particular aspects. The starting point of this theory is the interdisciplinary approach of organizational sociology and organizational psychology approaches. The organizational research has received in recent years also has a great importance for the Business Administration (Human Resource Management) and management science (especially in Scandinavian school).

The approach of the German sociologist Max Weber can be called an important approach of the bureaucracy (1864-1920), which was mainly used in the United States Declaration of formal organizations. Weber sees bureaucracy under a powerful form of organization which is characterized by division of labor, office hierarchy, rules and standards for task performance and administration. Continue reading

Vocational Education Research Paper

Research Paper about Vocational Education:

Vocational education is a training of the staff in the situation of professional practice.

There is difference between in-company training, school education (schools, vocational schools or professional colleague), training in the dual system (apprenticeship in conjunction with the vocational school and inter-company courses) and the study.

Those college and university students who are seeking to write a good research paper on the topic should understand that vocational education should not be confused with professional training offered by working professionals to (vocational) colleges. The aim here is to adapt the knowledge and skills to changing requirements. The boundary (used mostly in the general range) with the concept of training is blurred. Continue reading

Trade Union Research Paper

Research Paper on Trade Union:

A trade union is an employee organization that unites workers of a particular profession (professional association principle) or workplace (industrial law) to represent their interests against the employer. This may include introducing bargaining on wages, conditions of work, complaint procedures, rules concerning employment, dismissal and promotion of workers, benefits, work environment and working conditions.

Use free sample research papers on trade unions to learn that union members can get help to negotiate with the employer and the legal protection and legal assistance in their disputes with employers. Trade unions have often also negotiated group insurance. In order to get salary according to prevailing collective agreement or to participate unemployment benefits employee does not need to be a union’s member. Anyone who is a member of a union automatically becomes bound by it and can himself assert his rights. Anyone who is not a member cannot rely on the collective agreement in order to get a higher salary. The employer must negotiate with the union on the business of the company shall be amended in significant degree, but if the change is at the individual level, the employer needs only negotiate with union members. Continue reading

Research Paper on Sex Offenders

Research Paper about Sex Offenders:

Sex offender is a legal term for offenders committed a crime where the offense is of a sexual nature.

Sexual offenses include multiple offenses where the act is of a sexual nature, which includes several different situations. Usually extra-familiar crimes (crimes outside the family circle) and intra-familial offenses (within the family) are separated. The extra violations can occur as assault when the victim is in dependence to the offender, done in conjunction with entertainment between superficially familiar people, taking place after the contact made through social media on the internet, or in the circle of friends. A group of perpetrators are serial sex offenders and commit similar crimes again and again, while others commit a particular crime.

To write a good research paper on the topic you must know that among sex offenders, there is a high proportion of versatile criminal profile, for whom a sex crime is one of many disparate crimes the person committed during his life. Continue reading

Consumption of Social Network and Loneliness

Research Paper: Consumption of Social Network and Loneliness:

It is a common practice for people especially youths to spend a significant part of their time to navigate through social networking sites. They have an array of details that attract people to join them. Therefore, face to face communication is not compulsory especially for people in different geographical places because they prefer to communicate online. To some extent, social communication through the Internet is effective although it cannot match the face to face communication. This is because the latter provides instant feedback and the recipient can gauge the level of genuineness, as opposed to social media where Internet paradox is common. Ahlqvst, Back, Halonen & Heinonen (2008) add “social media refers to a combination of three elements: content, user communities and web technologies” (p. 3).

Many people claim that social media reduces boredom and loneliness. Zakahi and Duran (1985) state “social experience accounts for much variance as social confirmation and dyadic apprehension” (p. 56). Cases of people turning to social media during their lone moments are quite common. Facebook is one of the most common social networking sites that many people confess to engage whenever they are bored or lonely. Mandiberg (2012) adds “The modern social technology includes social media like online commenting systems and Facebook, media for creative personal expression like blogs and podcasts, and new channels of distribution like Twitter” (p. 80). During the study, emotional loneliness served as the dependent variable while social media platforms were the independent variable.

Purpose of the Study
The study investigated the relationship between the continued use of social media and loneliness among social media users. The researcher focused on students because they form part of the youth group that records high use of social networking sites. Continue reading

Research Paper on Genetic Diseases

Genetic Diseases Research Paper:

Genetic disease is a deviation or physiological function deficiency caused directly by the properties of the genetic material, stored in chromosomes.

Those who want to write a good free sample research proposal on calligraphy must know that many genetic diseases are caused by mutations in a gene, either in the actual coding sequence or the regulatory sequences that control how much and when the gene is expressed. There may be a point mutation, as well as rearrangements of longer sequences of DNA. Genetic diseases may also be due to abnormal genetic make up, such as Down’s syndrome due to an extra chromosome 21, Turner syndrome, which depends on the individual to have a single X chromosome and no Y chromosome and produces a phenotype with short stature, women who are always sterile and generally also exhibit some typical body features. However other chromosomal example, where a piece of a chromosome reaching a different chromosome, are present. Most chromosomal abnormalities have a low heritability compared to what one would expect according to Mendel’s laws, because they usually lead to miscarriage. Continue reading

Research Paper on Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol Research Paper:

Internet Protocol, often abbreviated as IP, the communications protocol (i.e., a set of rules) is used for communicating data across a computer network, the Internet. Sometimes the term TCP/IP is used instead, which also mentions the IP protocol transmission control protocol which is used for a large portion of IP applications, such as e-mail (SMTP) and web (HTTP). The protocols developed in general by RFC procedure.

Those who are willing to write a successful free sample research paper on the topic it is necessary to understand that during operation IP transfers small packets of information, and identifies the sender and recipient address in the form of IP address. IP addresses are written as sequences of numbers separated by periods, such as “662.302.001.00″. The information can be transmitted via several alternative routes within the network.

IP is considered “unreliable.” This does not mean it does not properly send data over the network, but there are no guarantees for sent packets for the following reasons: Continue reading

User Interface Design Research Paper

Research Paper on User Interface Design:

User Interface Design is a discipline that deals with the design of user interfaces between man and machine. For the conditions, objectives and obstacles of this interaction are investigated by both human and technical side and later – if possible – is to be optimized to serve humanity. Goal of interface design is a user interface that is designed so that the widest possible range of users finds an optimal interaction with a ;achine though appropriate action steps. While Interaction Design studies in detail a user behavior with a product and designs an interface to help the user to employ the product.

Thus, the interface design deals with a concrete product and designs an interface. Both disciplines are difficult to separate from each other, the boundaries are blurred, because every interaction designers designed mostly a graphical interface. Typical fields of work of interface designers are software design, usability research, web design or product design. Continue reading

John Dewey Research Paper

Research Paper about John Dewey:

John Dewey, born 20 October 1859 in Burlington in Vermont, died 1 June 1952 in New York City in New York, was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educator.

John Dewey is primarily known as proponent of pragmatism. Dewey coined the concept of “learning by doing,” which is an activity of learning where theory, practice, reflection, and action are linked. Knowledge must be of benefit and have reality. Dewey is reckoned among the most progressive educational theorists (who is closely associated with socialism) and is called the functional psychology’s father.

From research papers on John Dewey you may now that he was born in 1859 in Vermont, USA. His family were farmers since several generations. The father broke though this trend and settled himself in to business, which led to Dewey quickly got into the academic course. He started to teach at a high school at age 21 but resigned in favor of studying. Continue reading

Research Paper on Future Career

Future Career Research Paper:

First of all, you must determine what kind of career you prefer. This will determine your strategy. If you knows what position you wants to take in five or even ten years, you can determine the course of action and make the task to be achieved, i.e., start planning your future career.

Those who write their research paper on future career should know that in order to properly plan a career you need to know the situation on labor markets and jobs, as well as methods of work in these markets. Here self-marketing can be of a great help.

Self-marketing means:

  • searching companies or institutions that would have meet your requires;
  • good self-presentation.

In order to succeed, you need to control the situation on the labor market. This work should be done at the stage of choosing a future career. But the choice of career is a complicated matter, since it is a personal and very specific problem. Continue reading