Research Paper on Life Skills

Life Skills Research Paper:

Life skills are a set of skills that people have received through training or direct experience when dealing with frequently rising issues in the daily lives of people.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines life skills as “the ability to adapt that allows people to handle the challenges and demands of everyday life in efficient manner.” In primary education and secondary education, life skills can be a set of abilities and skills trained to meet the specific needs of life and modernization; life examples include (individual) financial management, food preparation, hygiene, expression, and organizational skills. Sometimes life skills, but not always, derive from the professional skills (career). Continue reading

Research Paper on 3D Printing

3D Printing Research Paper:

3D printing means building three-dimensional models by additive method. The structure of the model is controlled by special computer software for building with various solid or liquid materials, according to specified shape and size. When constructing, chemical or physical melting or curing processes take place. For the process of the printing such materials as metals, resins, plastics, and ceramics are used.

College students interested in writing research paper on 3d printing must know that at first 3D printing were used mainly in the building of models and prototypes, and the building of working pieces, of which minor quantities were needed. It was used, for example, by Boeing for building 86 laser sintering parts of the F-18 Hornet jet fighter.

3D printing is used in the following areas: Continue reading

Research Paper on Gelatin

Gelatin Research Paper:

Gelatin is a gelling agents derived from collagen which is the main protein in mammals. Chemically gelatin typically consists of 90% protein and approximately 10% water and only traces of salts. Gelatin has received designation E441.

Gelatin is used in many different areas but mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Typical products that contain gelatin are candy and pharmaceutical capsules as well as various health preparations where gelatin is used as a protein supplement. Worldwide, about 300 000 tons of gelatin is manufactured and used per year.

University students who are about to prepare their research paper on gelatin must understand that it is also used to bind the silver halide crystals in camera film. For this task, there are no suitable replacements. Competition Swimmers use gelatin to fix their hair during training and competition, this is because the cold water does not dissolve the gelatin. Continue reading

Research Paper on Losing Weight

Losing Weight Research Paper:

Losing weight means to reduce the body weight by reducing the total body mass, including body fluids, body fat or adipose tissue and/or muscles, tendons, or other connective tissue.

Weight loss can be intentional as a result of dieting, or otherwise expected due to anorexia or less food intake in relation to the amount of energy consumed, which can ensure that the expected weight reduction, whether it is desirable (as in obesity) or harmful (as in eating disorders).

Abnormal weight loss, without corresponding reduction in food intake relative to energy consumed, is a sign of an underlying disease and is therefore a symptom in itself should be examined.

College and university students who have chosen the losing weight topic for their research paper have to understand that an abnormal weight loss can occur due to the muscle atrophy, reduction of fat, fluid loss, or as a combination thereof. Continue reading

Research Paper on Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Research Paper:

Identity crisis is a mental condition caused by the frustration from incapability to implement internal necessities of life – motives, values, accompanied by the violation of emotional, mental, emotional balance. There are processes and life situations, insoluble by practical and cognitive activity; therefore, they can be solved by experience, which is understood as a special activity for adjusting to the environment in critical situations. Identity crisis is associated with feelings of inconsistency of own condition to the changing demands of the environment. Available personal resources do not allow the person to realize significant, fundamental for him goals, interests, and needs.

Those who write research paper on identity crisis should know that a person can assess the situation as a problem, but to be unable to cope with it in familiar ways and therefore faces the need to develop new abilities, new meanings, new goals, of which he has rather vague ideas. Continue reading

Family Therapy Research Paper

Research Paper on Family Therapy:

Family Therapy (also: Systemic family therapy) is a psychotherapeutic that study systemic relationships and interpersonal relations in a group as a basis for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders seen and interpersonal conflicts. Since December 2008, this form of therapy and its effectiveness is also recognized in Germany, while Austria and Switzerland recognized it already in the 1990s.

The development of non-therapeutic fields for Systemic Social Work, Systemic Consulting, and Systemic Coaching have been based on the same assumptions.

Students writing their research paper on Family therapy must know that the history of the family therapy approach provides the family system or the organizational system of a company as a resource, based on the individual members of both his abilities and strengths and can develop behavioral problems. A member of the group Indicates psychological or behavioral problems, the applicant shall be considered as a symptom carrier for the overall system. This can be shown, for example, in typical private conflicts with the partner or recurring problems with clients or colleagues. Continue reading

Research Paper on Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking Research Paper:

Fear of public speaking is generally seen as tension, the nervousness, and stress before a public appearance, before an exam, or a dangerous task. You can an actor in front of the stage performance, a performing artist, a musician, a student before an exam, a candidate before his interview, a athlete before a potentially hazardous exercise or a soldier before the application.

Camera and Microphone are closely related to the fear of public speaking. In a still broader sense, the fear of public speaking refers to the tension of a person having a non-artistic performance, who encounters a situation in which he is under increased social attention, such as in a presentation, a social gathering, or while doing sports activity. Due to the fact that anxiety is inextricably linked to the expectation that the quality of the performance or the appearance is judged by the audience, it often become a cause of anxiety. This is especially true for participants in the casting as well as professional artists who have to compete during their work against strong competition. Continue reading

Equal Opportunity Employment Research Paper

Research Paper about Equal Opportunity Employment:

Equal opportunity employment is the law, which was designed to protect employees against any form of discrimination in labor relations.

As a study conducted in 2007-2008 by Centre for Social and labor rights shown, such discriminations is a common enough occurrence. About 14% of workers faced discriminatory practices in labor relations; about 60% of job advertisements published in the media, contain discriminatory requirements for applicants for a job. Meanwhile, the power of the legislative development of legal issues, as well as the number of research and practical recommendations on the work of lawyers representing the victims of discrimination in the courts are clearly insufficient.

College students who writes their research paper on equal employment opportunity should understand that discrimination in employment and labor relations takes many forms. All forms of discrimination are characterized by one common feature: Continue reading

Research Paper on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Research Paper:

Tiger Woods (born Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, December 30, 1975) is an American golfer, one of the most prominent sports personalities of the late XX-th – beginning of XXI-st century. In 2008, Tiger Woods was the best paid athlete in the world, earning a year approximately 110 million U.S. dollars in the form of prize money and advertising revenue.

As of summer 2009 Woods won 14 tournaments and 67 four most prominent tournaments by Professional Golf Association. He is the youngest golfer, who managed to win a Grand Slam for his career (i.e., he won all four major annual golf tournaments within one calendar year).

Those who write have to know that his father, Earl Woods, was African-American and professional soldier in the green berets with Chinese and Indian ancestry. His Mother, Kultida Woods, comes from Thailand and also has Chinese, African, and Dutch origin. Continue reading

Quantum Computing Research Paper

Research Paper on Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing is a computing that uses quantum mechanics to perform specific types of calculations. For general calculations, quantum computers are not faster than today’s computers, but when in January 2014 Google tested a quantum computer, D-Wave 2 revealed that the for some special problems was 35,000 times faster than a normal computer.

The basic unit of quantum computing is the qubit. Such data units can take the values ​​zero (0), one (1) or a super value that are both zero and one at the same time. The main challenge in the design of quantum computer is to develop a system that can read or change qubit state, so that the correct “answers” can be read.

University student preparing their quantum computing research papers should learn that a quantum computer can basically do everything a regular computer can do. In order to exploit the special properties of quantum computer is required, however, special methods of calculation algorithms. Examples of such algorithms developed are Shor’s Algorithm for Prime Factorization of integers, and search and sort algorithms. Continue reading