Research Paper on Child Development

Child development consists of an ordered sequence of progressive transformations resulting in an increasing complexity of the organism. It is distinguished by growing changes to the composition and functioning of the cell (cellular differentiation), the maturation of organs and systems, and the acquisition of new functions.

Child development studies the succession of stages of organic system development in isolation, for example, the thymus and/or the immune system, the organism as a whole, such as the ability of locomotion, which depends on both the maturation of the nervous system (including psychological characteristics) and skeletal muscle.

The evolutionary development of neuro exam made it possible to detect early signs of serious disorders like cerebral palsy and mental disabilities including the so-called minimum brain dysfunctions, allowing an intervention able to minimize the damage. Continue reading

Prosocial Behavior Research Paper

Prosocial behavior refers to the human behaviors of aid directed to other to bring him or her an advantage or even a physical or psychological well-being. This is a voluntary behavior with intent to render service, to help. This means respond positively to the emotional pain of others to worry about them, comfort, support others, to share and to donate, and then to cooperate.

To understand the prosocial behaviors, we must answer two questions: “when and why we help others?” Many factors are involved here: the contextual, individual, cultural, cognitive, biological, or motivational factors. Often, researchers attempted to determine whether help behavior had a selfish or altruistic goal. Many researchers posed the question about the innate (fundamental instinct to help) or acquired (learned from the earliest age) character of prosocial behavior. Continue reading

Perfume Industry Research Paper

Perfume industry is a coveted market that represented 260 billion euros in global sales in 2011. It is a promising market, which is renewed, with 400 to 500 new fragrances being released each year; in mature markets, it affects the entire population since nine women out of ten have averaged two or three scents and one in two men wears a scent. In the 1980s, manufacturers of consumer products have embarked on the adventure. Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson invested in a domain until then reserved to specialized fashion houses, with aim to complete their range by luxury products. To make their entrance in the courtyard of the great, these corporations have acquired companies and trademarks licenses to meet the situation head-on: Unilever merged with Fabergé and Calvin Klein groups in 1989, as well as acquired license from Scherrer and Lagerfeld. Continue reading

Traditional Medicine Research Paper

Traditional medicine (Latin: medicina gentilitia; Deutsch: Volksheilkunde, also Volksmedizin; Engl: Folk medicine) is a part of alternative medicine, which includes knowledge about diseases, treatment methods, and tools, which are handed down from generation to generation.

The term traditional medicine, depending on national traditions, is used with two different meanings:

  1. The medicine that has long been used in different Nations, synonymous with the term “traditional medicine”.
  2. as a synonym for the terms: conventional medicine, traditional medicine, classical medicine which are the names for the official, evidence-based, practical medicine, as opposition to the so-called “non-traditional” (alternative) medicine.

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Research Paper on Student Behavior

Student behavior in the scope of the difficulties of adaptation to the conditions of the primary school is currently of a high relevance. The researchers estimated that, depending on the type of school, from 20 to 60% of junior high school students have serious difficulty in adapting to the conditions of schooling. Public schools have a considerable number of children who cannot cope with the curriculum and have difficulties in communicating already in the primary grades. The problem is particularly acute for the children with mental retardation.

There are many definitions for school adaptation. As an example of the traditional definition, you can define school adaptation as a process of a child entering a new social phase of development. Analysis of the literature shows that the term “student behavior” actually depicts behavioral problems students have in school.

The main primary external indications of problematic student behavior are poor academic performance and various violations of school regulation. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is sexual intercourse that occurs between unmarried people. Nowadays premarital sex is supposed to be a norm and people do not think about this action negatively. Obviously, in the traditional society premarital sex was unacceptable and was treated like shame. Furthermore, in some cultures this type of sex was treated like crime and people could be punished with imprisonment, corporal punishment and even capital punishment. Centuries ago the attitude towards premarital sex in Europe was extremely negative and when a woman got pregnant being unmarried, she tried to get married as fast as possible to avoid execution and shame. With the run of time and with the increase of the value of human life premarital sex stopped to be treated like crime and very soon it has become a norm. On the other hand, in Muslim culture, premarital sex is still big shame and in some countries like Egypt or Pakistan, this kind of sex is believed to be one of the most serious crimes. Continue reading

Business Administration Research Paper

Business administration is the study of business households with limited resources. It is usually used as the General name for a series of subdisciplines related to companies in a broader sense, including non-profit organizations, at least formally. It regards the public sector usually as parallel concepts using business administration.

At colleges and universities business administration is a large topic within the on the number of students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In English business administration is an adjacent but separate discipline.

In many States there are no business administration as a coherent topic. Instead, it is regarded as marketing and accounting as subtopics of separate topics. To see the business administration as a coherent discipline is influenced by the German business schools (Handelshochschulen), which was an important role model for the initially privately funded business schools in the rest of the Europe. Continue reading

Art Appreciation Research Paper

Art appreciation is a complex scientific discipline that studies art (mostly visual) and culture as a whole, individual art forms and their relationship to reality, the totality of possible forms and content of works of art. Art appreciation includes theory and history of art, and art criticism.

Art can be perceived as both abstraction form of reality and expression of the human soul. The first suggests an abstraction of something tangible and the other a material form of something abstract. The art can similarly be described as an abstraction of the reality that surrounds us, or as a material form of a continuous flow. The description of the art history is thus inevitably require a number of opinions, assumptions, and simplifications.

An individual art object can be described according to its own conditions, as an individual impression or as a representative of an epoch, ethnical group or as value universal for the humanity that is to say a piece of the puzzle in a larger context. Continue reading

Impulse Buying Behavior Research Proposal

Impulse buying is an action of unplanned purchase of a product. When one has not planned to buy a product or service but has made this decision just before this purchase, he can be called an impulse buyer. Experts claim that impulse buying is a widespread phenomenon that exists all over the world.

It is obvious that people are controlled by their emotions rather than by intellect, that is why impulse buying is so frequent today. The majority of supermarkets and small stores do their best to attract the best marketers who will invent the best ways of making clients do impulse purchases. They try to place goods in the right places or decorate them in such a way to affect client’s emotions and to make him buy this product. The most popular and effective method of attracting clients is to place small and cheap products at the checkout aisles. Continue reading

Social Entrepreneurship Research Paper

Social entrepreneurship is an activity, aimed at mitigating or resolving social problems, characterized by the following features.

They are:

  • social impact meaning the focus on the solution/mitigation of existing social problems and measurable persistently positive social outcomes;
  • innovation meaning new, unique approaches that increase social impact;
  • cost recovery and financial sustainability meaning the ability of social enterprises to solve social problems for as long as is needed using revenue generated by their own activities;
  • replicability and scalability referring to the scaling ability of a social enterprise (nationally and internationally) and the dissemination of experience (with a view to increase social impact;
  • entrepreneurial approach meaning the social entrepreneur ability to see the social market gaps, finding opportunities to accumulate resources, develop new solutions that have lasting positive effects on society as a whole.

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