Gender Stereotyping Research Proposal

Research Proposal on Gender Stereotyping:

Gender stereotyping is a socially shared understanding of the personal qualities and behavioral patterns of men and women, as well as the sexual specificity of social roles.

Those writing free sample research papers on the topic should know that the content of gender stereotypes (GS) make up a few groups of sex marked qualities:

  1. Qualities related to the activities and activity. Men are often attributed with entrepreneurship, determination, perseverance, the need to achieve the goal, non-conformism, a sense of adventure, courage, self-control, self-confidence, desire for originality, the ability to do business; women with passivity, indecision, careful attention to the rules, conformity.
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Research Paper on Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling Research Paper:

Mental Health Counseling is a professional psychosocial counseling of individuals or groups with the aim of solving mental problems or change processes to initiate, manage and evaluate them. Counselors work with talk and intervention techniques, but are to be compared only in part with those of psychotherapists. In general, the depth of the intervention is smaller and the approach is more holistic, i.e., the whole social environment of clients and their support systems are coming more into focus. A psychological training is not necessarily required; this may be, for example, field knowledge and professional experience from neighboring areas of advantage.

If you are about to write a free sample research paper on Ithe topic you should know that in March 2010, on the initiative of American Counseling Association (ACA) of the United States leading professional groups agreed to a one-year process of discussion on a common definition of the Mental Health Counseling. Continue reading

Louisiana Purchase Research Paper

Research Paper on Louisiana Purchase:

Louisiana Purchase is the sale by France of more than 2,144,476 km2 (529,911,680 acres) of territory to the United States in 1803 at a price of 3 cents per acre, or over 15 million of dollars or 80 million of francs in total.

Those students writing their research papers on Louisiana Purchase should know this area represents 22.3% of the current territory of the United States.

Indeed, the French colony of Louisiana included many more territories than the state of current Louisiana. Territories sold include portions lying west of the river Mississippi in Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota today, parts of North Dakota, the South Dakota, Nebraska, northern Texas, parts of New-Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, and a part of Colorado, south of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta located in the basin of the Missouri river, and Louisiana with the city of New Orleans. Continue reading

Social Accounting Research Paper

Research Paper on Social Accounting:

The social and environmental accounting is a form of accounting of companies to consider their behavior in social matters, especially with regard to the labor law, and on the environment and long lasting development. Interest in it has grown with globalization and the increased importance of multinational corporations, relocating some of their production to countries with a sometimes inefficient legal system to protect human rights.

College student seeking to write a descent social accounting research paper have to got the idea that June 7, 2011, MEPs expressed their support for the integration of a social aspect by adopting a resolution not binding on the theme “GDP and beyond,” following communication eponymous made ​​by the European Commission in 2009. They want concrete proposals on the integration of these new indicators in Eurostat.

Social accounting is a tool implemented to take into account the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Taking into account that other financial criteria in establishing these balances is mainly to improve the image of brand of the company, both for commercial and political purposes. Continue reading

Physical Security Research Paper

Research Paper on Physical Security:

Physical security is a rage of measures to ensure the property protection or/and safety of individuals. It aims to prevent the impairment of the function, destruction or seizure of property by troublemakers, criminals or enemies. It is designed to maintain the usability and functionality of the object under protection. It as well may mean a service by private companies providing objects and other forms of security.

Those writing research papers on physical security have to know that the protection can be provided by the military forces, the police and security services. It may be provided by the State (usually military) for economic and privately used objects (residences, housing estates (“housing areas”)).

Protection objects can be: building, equipment (such as ammunition dumps or nuclear power stations) or large vehicles of all kinds (such as warships).

Among the objects of physical protection may also be cash in transit and dry cask storage in transport. Continue reading

Research Paper on Zionism

Zionism Research Paper:

Zionism is a political movement aimed at reunification and revival of Jewish people in their historic homeland, Israel, as well as an ideological concept fundamental for the movement.

The ideology of Zionism unites various movement different in their trends, from the left socialites to orthodox religious groups. Before the World War II, Zionism was one of the largest Jewish political movements (along with working-class movement the Bund, which struggled for the culture autonomy).

Those college writers who are about to write an interesting and argumentative research paper on the topic have to understand that the word “Zionism” is derivative from the toponym Zion (from Hebr. צִיּוֹן‎), in addition, Israel is often named as “Zion’s daughter,” and Jew people as “Zion’s sons.”

Since the Babylonian captivity, Zion has become for the Jewish diaspora a symbol of the lost homeland. In this meaning it is often encountered in religious scripts and secular press. Continue reading

Identity Formation Research Paper

Research Paper on Identity Formation:

Identity formation is the process of creation and distinction of the individual. In the context of analytical psychology it refers to self-realization by the progressive inclusion of contradictory and conflicting elements that make up the psychical total, conscious and unconscious, of the subject.

Writers who have chosen the topic to write their research papers on the topic should know that the identity formation concept has been known from the ancient times and since then has caused debates. These debates allow to see the vitality of the concept (in the sense that it is vital to the spirit of doubt and for science of man to have this doubt to generate new knowledge, even to cease and/or to reject the ancient knowledge). As the debate between Carl Jung and Karl Abraham for example. This concept is also found at the origin of the creation of new knowledge, and it even knew transferability to other disciplines. Continue reading

Research Paper on Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Research Paper:

Psychological testing is a standardized measurement of various aspects of human behavior, such as intelligence or personality .Unlike, for example, testing in school, psychological testing is related to psychological theories or scientifically established psychological knowledge. Group test occurs, but usually each person is tested individually.

To prepare a descent research paper on the topic you have to know that psychological testing is used in various fields. Within psychiatry psychological testing is used as an aid to set the diagnosis of mental disorders. Psychological testing is also used in recruitment, for example, to determine someone’s suitability for an employment or enrollment. This type of testing is even used within psychological research.

There are two ways to structure psychological testing. Testing can be ipsative or normative. An ipsative testing is self-regulating, meaning that the test results are compared against the tester itself. With such a testing, the tester can obtain characteristics but he can not compare the two test results with each other. Continue reading

Physical Geography Research Paper

Research Paper on Physical Geography:

Physical geography is a science about nature and man-made changes in landscape shell of the Earth, which is the habitat of humanity and the earth’s biota in general.

Physical Geography is a system of natural geographical sciences, which comprehensively examines the geographic shell of the Earth. It includes general physical geography (geography), Landscape, paleogeography and regional physical geography. Physical geography also includes sectoral geographical disciplines that study the individual components of the Earth: geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, oceanography, glaciology, geocriology, geography of soils, botanical geography and zoogeography. The science interacts with the technical, agricultural, medical and others sciences forming applied emerging trends such as reclamation geography, recreational geography, medical geography and so on. Continue reading

Research Paper on Childhood Attachment

Childhood Attachment Research Paper:

Childhood attachment is a part of the attachment theory that has originated in John Bowlby’s work since the 1950s.

To prepare a good structure for a research paper on childhood attachment the writers have to understand that according to attachment theory, a newborn baby is “genetically programmed” to bond with its parents. This is the evolutionary purpose of protecting the child from danger and increase its chances of survival. The child screams when necessary and thus demands its parents/carer of attention. Further development goes through a number of phases where during the first phase the child does not identifies its care persons but it gradually begins to show preference for those he had the most contact with.
At one year of age, a child is developed enough for the endeavor to maintain physical contact with the primary attachment persons.

The child develops, when development occurs normally, the ability to search its parents/care persons in proximity, and use them as “safe haven” in times of stress and “secure base” for exploration of the environment. How further development shape the individual’s relationships throughout life is explained by Bowlby attachment theory. Continue reading