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Asian culture has always been a popular topic among college students to write their research papers on.

Detailed consideration of the Asian culture is rather a multifaceted task: Asian literature is huge and requires special attention. Therefore, the subject of further analysis will be only those moments that allow us to give the most general idea of ??the type of historical culture, and who had a great influence on the global cultural process.

One of the most notable features of the Asian type of culture that emerged on the basis of the first civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, the state of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, etc.) is blocking human individuality. Hence, the persistent preservation of all moments of primitive culture associated with the neutralization of any kind of activist tendencies of development of the individual. In particular, this applies to the traditional style of education in Asian culture.

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However, only the conservation of was not enough, and moments of ancient culture had to fit into the Asian cultural integrity. The novelty was primarily manifested through the change in the cultural structure. When the primitive syncretism was left behind, all spheres of the culture differentiated more clearly, and, in accordance with the new cultural challenges, religion took a dominant place among them. At the same time the gods were not cheerful Olympians, on the contrary, they were to be strange, weird, indomitable despots. It was impossible to l such gods, but it was not required, they need to be afraid of, they demanded total submission from their adepts, who had to recognize their insignificance, their infinite strive to appease them in every way, including strange bloody human sacrifices. Accordingly, the temples devoted to such deities in any case did not have to conform to human standards – they had to suppress human by their dimensions, reinforce a sense of fear and helplessness before the majestic forces and cause the atrophy of the desire for independence and sense of self-identity.

However, for the construction work, especially irrigation, and for the construction of temples and palaces, enormous knowledge were needed, and here in the depths of Asian cultures, a sphere of culture was conceived, a science – the unity of systematic knowledge of the objective laws of reality and the their investigation. However, this new powerful force that humans discovered was shrouded in mystical veils (which is very typical for the cultures of the eastern type), and is often used to strengthen the power of any kind of impersonal forces over the minds and hearts of the people.

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