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David Sedaris (born December 26 1956 in Binghamton) is a humorous American author, essayist, and radio DJ. Much of his wit is autobiographical and refers to his large family, his Greek heritage, his various jobs, his upbringing and relationships, drug abuse, homosexuality, and his life as an expatriate in France with his partner, Hugh.

To write a decent research paper on the the topic you should know that David Sedaris grew up in Raleigh and is the second child in a family of six children. His older sister, Lisa, followed by Gretchen, Amy, Tiffany and Paul (who is also called, cockerel or so calls himself). He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. In youth and his twenties, he dabbled in performance art, but due to the lack of their success he worked some stories. Sedaris suffers from a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome; also he deals with one of his short stories.

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After many lousy jobs in Raleigh, Chicago and New York, he gained attention with his first radio essay The Santaland Diaries, in which he experiences the Christmas season in New York as an elf at the world famous Macy’s department store. This piece first went on the air in 1992, and in 1996 in the UK.

His first books are a collection of essays and short stories. Several of his books, including Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (German: Night program) climbed to the top of the New York Times bestseller’s list. In 2001, the TIME Magazine awarded him as “Humorist of the Year” and he received the Prize for American Humor named by James Thurber.

In 2004, Sedaris published Dress Your Family in Corduroy and ended directly the number 1 position in the New York Times nonfiction list on June 20, 2004.

The audio book, it was in same year, was twice nominated for a Grammy Award. In March 2006 Ira Glass proclaimed that Sedaris’ next book, a collection of fables would be. He took his book tour that year several fables during performance. Three of those fables were broadcast on This American Life.

On 19 March 2007, an article written by Alex Heard wrote in The New Republic, Outside Magazine in which he claimed that he had checked Sedaris’ books for their veracity, and that he had learned that some events described have never happened. Several articles that followed in response, argued that Sedaris’s readers certainly aware of exaggerations and distortions for maximum comic effect. Sedaris themselves said he had not read the article, but he was severely irritated about the allegations.

Sedaris also wrote for the theater and produced with his sister, actress Amy Sedaris, several plays under the name “The Talent Family.”

He currently lives with his friend, the painter, and a stage designer Hugh Hamrick, in Paris, in a country house in Normandy and in London. He also writes for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Esquire.

One of his translators, Harry Rowohlt, expressed his unflattering about Sedaris: “Except that he cannot write, he has an additional defect, on which one can see unmistakably that someone is crazy and cannot write.

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