Global Climate Change Research Paper

Global climate change refers to the changes of the Earth’s climate as a whole or its particular parts over time, leading to a statistically significant deviation from the long-term weather parameters values ​​for the period of time from decades to millions of years, taking into account changes in both the mean values ​​of weather parameters and the change in the frequency of extreme weather events. The science dealing with the study of climate change is paleoclimatology.

The causes of global climate change are dynamic processes on Earth, external influences, such as fluctuations in the intensity of solar radiation, and human activities.

Global climate change is caused by processes taking place in the atmosphere and in other parts of the Earth, such as the oceans, glaciers, as well as by effects associated with human activity. External processes shaping the climate are the changes in solar radiation and the Earth’s orbit.

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Weather is the daily condition of the atmosphere. Weather is a chaotic non-linear dynamical system. Climate is the average weather conditions and it is predictable. Climate includes indicators such as average temperature, rainfall, amount of sunshine, and other variables, which can be measured at a particular location. However, there are processes, which can affect the climate.

Glaciers are recognized as one of the most sensitive indicators of the global climate change. They significantly increase in size during the climate cooling (so-called small ice ages) and decrease during global warming. Glaciers are melting and rising due to natural changes and influenced by external influences. In the past century, glaciers have not been able to regenerate enough ice during the winter to recover the loss of ice during the summer months.

The most significant climate processes over the past few million years are the change of glacial and interglacial periods within the current ice age, due to changes in the Earth’s orbit and axis. The change in continental ice and sea level fluctuations in the range of 130 meters are the key consequences of climate change in most regions.

On a short-time scale, global climate change may be the result of interactions between the atmosphere and the oceans. Many climate fluctuations, including the most famous southern oscillation, El Niño, and the North Atlantic and Arctic oscillations occur in part because of the possibility of the world’s oceans accumulating heat and movement of this energy to different parts of the ocean. In the longer scale, there is the thermohaline circulation in the oceans, which plays a key role in the redistribution of heat and can significantly affect the climate.

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