How to Write a Problem Statement for a Research Proposal

A problem statement is the part of a research proposal which is supposed to clarify the purpose of writing the proposal and explain the idea of the research. Obviously, many students still do not know about the right approach towards writing a good problem statement and they can learn several new facts in the logically-designed problem statement writing tips suggested below:

  1. The primary student’s task is to illustrate the problem from all sides. One will need to analyze the existing problem under research in detail and provide the reader with the reliable evidence and arguments which prove the negative condition of the issue under analysis. It is reasonable to prepare this introduction in the briefest way not to overload the professor with the unnecessary odd information. Only the definite facts about the matter and the definite explanation of the problem are required here.
  2. The second paragraph can be devoted to the supply of the definite evidence which clarify the actual condition of the matter under research. For example, one is able to provide the reader with statistics, graphs and tables which illustrate the problem from all sides making a thought-provoking background to the professor. Evidently, only the reliable facts can demonstrate the real seriousness and relevance of the problem and the student will need to learn to operate these facts efficiently.
  3. The following paragraph of the problem statement will have to contain the detailed description of the negative consequences of the problem if it is not solved. One can demonstrate the current problem and then dwell on its past demonstrating the gradual and constant process of the worsening of the situation because of the lack of attention of the responsible services. Moreover, the student is able to predict the further situation generating the possible consequences of the existing problem. The student’s task is to make this prediction really logical and tragic in order to convince the reader in the actual relevance of the issue.
  4. The final paragraph of the problem statement should contain the student’s opinion concerning the solution of the existing problem and the alternative approach towards its analysis. The young professional will have to read about the problem through the trustworthy and quality sources accumulating the experts’ opinion about the matter. If the student collects facts about the probable solution of the problem, he will be able to brainstorm a logical and effective plan of the effective actions which would be enough useful to cope with the problem. The usefulness and value of the problem statement and the whole research proposal depends on the originality of the research approach and the student’s solutions, so he should devote enough time to generate wise thoughts.

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