How to Write a Research Paper on a Book

Very often students are asked to prepare a good research paper about a certain chosen book.

The process of writing is quite troublesome, because requires patience and knowledge about the technical aspects of writing. Students have the chance to prepare a good assignment with the help of the brief book research paper writing tips below:

  1. Before writing a research paper, the student is obliged to read the book required for the analysis attentively. The process of reading should be supported with scrupulous making notes, because if one notes all the essential moments, events, characters, descriptions, etc, it will be easier for him to catch the motives of the characters, the problems and themes provoked in the book and complete a worthy paper which would be marked with the highest grade.
  2. Prepare a detailed and quality outline for the paper in order to make the research logical and well-organized. A book is a big-in-volume document and it is impossible to cover it without a strict plan. On should divide the research paper into the logical chapters where all the sub topics will be researched in detail. Te more detailed plan the student prepares, the better, because in this case very few essential moments will be missed.
  3. Dwell on the author of the book; study his biography briefly in order to find the possible connection between his life and the problems discussed in his book. The similarity between the major characters and the writer are quite frequent and the student should notice and analyze it. In addition, one should study the historic period when the book was written and learn about the problems of that time which are reflected in the book.
  4. Pay attention to the description of the appearance and psychics, emotions, habits, behaviour, actions of the main characters and try to understand their role in the book and the problems described there. It is a plus if one manages to study the issues with the help of the explanation of the symbols and other important details which present the events in the book in the appropriate way.
  5. The student is obliged to pay attention to the stylistics of the book, find the stylistic devices which make the text nice, live, literal and sound. This side of the research is important, because many stylistic devices hide the additional information about the characters and events and one should read the text between the lines to find the answers to all the questions.

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