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is the process of creation and distinction of the individual. In the context of analytical psychology it refers to self-realization by the progressive inclusion of contradictory and conflicting elements that make up the psychical total, conscious and unconscious, of the subject.

Writers who have chosen the topic to write their research papers on the topic should know that the identity formation concept has been known from the ancient times and since then has caused debates. These debates allow to see the vitality of the concept (in the sense that it is vital to the spirit of doubt and for science of man to have this doubt to generate new knowledge, even to cease and/or to reject the ancient knowledge). As the debate between Carl Jung and Karl Abraham for example. This concept is also found at the origin of the creation of new knowledge, and it even knew transferability to other disciplines.

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This concept describes a specific process that must be related to other concepts of the Carl Gustav Jung theory, to understand what it clearly returns.

This concept is then said being dialectical and limited. It is dialectical because in theory and practice, it is closely related to another central concept in Jung’s theory: the psychology of self and involves the integration of unconscious contents.

This concept is part of the history of conceptual design and research of Carl Gustav Jung, who was inspired by the work of philosophy, and thought he recognized the existence among the ancients, in the myths and cultural creations, archetypes referring to the aspects of transformation of the individual.

This research focuses on the processes of transformation, relating it to the anthropological studies, like those of Paul Radin, as the trickster that approaches alchemy.

The concept of individuation has a long philosophical history, however the term is associated with Jung. Literally, individuation means the quality of a human being to become an individual, synonymous with both mental and physical development. It was St. Thomas who was the first to use the term in its Latin form (individuatio), pointing in Thomism the principle of individuation of essential procedural and Mo├»se Maimonides. The Persian Avicenna told him about principium individuationis taken by Duns Scotus. Then Leibniz used the concept to criticize Cartesianism in his book Principium individi (1663). In philosophy the term individuation then means “All the special qualities that make up the individual, as opposed to the species.”

This concept, as it is about the life of being, was also specifically used in the clinic of analytical psychology. It also knows a diverse expressions of reality in the lives of human beings, indicating that they actually live, as evidenced by some authors or famous artists. But also from the necessary doubt, as William Blake, Gerard de Nerval, examples Carl Gustav Jung questioned.

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