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Longboarding is one of the varieties of street skating, whose roots lie in surfing. This type, along with skateboarding, originated in 1950’s on the West Coast. In 1960 longboarding became an independent discipline. It is great for riding on a long smooth roads. Longboarding evokes strong emotional feelings, because it is an extreme sport due to the possibility to ride at very high speed.

The longboard length may vary depending on the preferences of the owner. Normal length of the board is from 90 to 150 cm (36 to 60 inches). Compared with the skateboard, longboard has not only a larger board, but also softer wheels of larger diameter. These wheels allow unobtrusively overcome bumps. These parameters are more suitable for the fast smooth ride.

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If you are about to write a research paper on longboarding, you must know that the most common use of the longboard is simple riding, for example, to work. Different designs allow the rider to choose the appropriate riding style. There are big (110 cm), short (even up to 60 cm), and hybrid types.

Suspension is designed for smooth operation and easy management of longboards. It is good to have a kicktail to be able to lift the front part at overcoming obstacles like in a skateboard. The size of the wheels also varies: it may be 65-75 mm.

Since skating culture is actively growing, different types of boarding are being constantly mixed. Using the experience of related areas allows you to find new technical solutions and improve performance of your longboard. Thus, there is a large variety of unique longboards, which are a synthesis of different models that can be combined in the hybrid group.

This sport is very interesting and active, so it is gaining new fans. Wide variety of forms enables the creation of exclusive longboards. Any owner can give free rein to his own imagination and improve his unit for the specific needs.

There several techniques in longboarding:

  • Pushing is a way to ride on the board by pushing with your foot off the ground, similar to the movement of a scooter. If the rider is pushed not by back foot, as usual, but by front foot, then this method is called Mongo-style. For most riders Mongo-style is uncomfortable, however, by pushing with both alternately it is easier to keep balance.
  • Pumping means to maintain the speed of the board, without pushing off with foot. Pumping is done with the torsions of the body, by which some inertia is transferred to the board.
  • The most effective and skillful way of braking is sliding. To perform the sliding, the back of board is put forward so that the front and rear wheels are aligned perpendicular to the motion. Longboards for sliding, tend to have a symmetrical form with identical nose and tail like a typical skate, but broader, having various curved shapes.

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