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Memory loss, or transient global amnesia, is temporal memory disorder, when a part or all memories disappear temporally. The patient often cannot remember, where he is, and the way he got there; he is unable to remember what was happening a few hours, days, and even years ago. As a rule, memory loss the patient eventual is able to remember, who he and everybody around is, but this does not make the problem less considerable. Fortunately, such a disorder happens rarely, practically does not harm the patients and probability of its reiteration is very small. As a rule, the episodes of brief loss of memory end quickly, and after it memory is completely restored.

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You may as well use free sample research papers on the topic where you will find the basic symptoms of memory loss:

  • Sudden memory loss, confirmed by other people.
  • Maintenance of own identity, in spite of memory loss.
  • Normal thinking, including ability to recognize and name before well-known objects and to follow simple instructions.
  • Absence of the signs indicative on the brain damages, such as a paralysis of extremities, involuntary motion or inability to understand some words.
  • Memory loss for no more than twenty four hours.
  • The absence of spasmodic strictures during the episode of amnesia.
  • The absence occurrences of epilepsy and recent head traumas in the personal anamnesis of the patient.

Often a patient is unable to call first-aid; surrounding people must look after it and do not abandon the patient till arrival of doctors.

Although memory loss is not dangerous, it is impossible at once to distinguish it from the life threatening states that can also cause the sudden loss of memory.

To tell the cause of the disorder it is necessary to pass a careful health screening.

The mechanism of origin of memory loss is not fully clear. Obviously, there is connection between the disorder and migraine in the personal anamnesis of the patient.

The possible memory loss triggers are:

  • Fast immersion in cold or hot water.
  • Intensive physical activities.
  • Sexual intercourse.
  • Treatments, for example, angiography or endoscopy.
  • Head trauma.
  • Acute emotional stress caused by negative news, conflicts or stress.

The possible risk factors are:

  • Age. Development of brief loss of memory more probably in people older than fifty, then in younger.
  • Migraine in the personal anamnesis of the patient. Exact reasons for it are unknown, however, it is clear that the presence of migraine in the personal anamnesis of the patient considerably promotes the risk of the memory loss disorder development as compared to those, who never suffered from migraine.

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