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Many environmentalists consider that the so-called Mountaintop Removal Mining inflicts a huge damage to the environment. According to new researches such type of mining must be stopped immediately, because it inflicts not only a serious and of long duration damage to the environment but also presents a danger to people’s life, causing a lung cancer and birth defects.

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to learn that.the company of 12 scientists, hydrologists and engineers conducted to date the widest analysis of the damage caused by mountaintop removal mining. Their conclusions were published in the Science magazine, results shocked many people. The group of scientists presented their report to the US government about the necessity to stop this method of mining.
“This is the first time that scientists gave political recommendations, but in this case their demands were very certain.” – Margaret Palmer, environmentalist from the Center of ecological sciences of the Maryland University, said.

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Mountaintop removal method is used when there is a coal deposit under a mountain, instead of digging up the holes for its extraction. This process implies cutting down the surface in the radius of a few miles, and along with it all that comes in the way. The forests are destroyed, flora and fauna lose their usual habitations.

For the further deposit development, powerful explosive devices for destruction of surface rock. Millions tone of building garbage and surface rock debris are chaotically disposed all around the valley that results in erosion of soil, and washing out of various heavy metals and harmful compounds, which considerably pollute the environment. Contaminated underground waters get in wells, are accumulated in plants that people feed on. That causes plenty of oncologic diseases for people resident not far from the place of works.

Researches showed that about 500 mountaintops were removed in the states of Western Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky, leaving this locality into a lifeless plateau. From the report by the American Environmental Protection Agency, 2040 square kilometres of valleys area and 2000 square kilometres at the foot of mountain Appalachians were destroyed by such method.

The Agency made decision to reduce mining by such method for 50%. But, in spite of it, the development of a new coal deposit in Western Virginia was settled. Such decision revolted environmentalists.

Their researches showed a mass deforestation, destruction of the local river system not only in the territory adherent to the place of works, but also for many miles around. Building garbage is carried around by the river streams, contaminating all larger territories with heavy metals. Most terrible thing is that the damage inflicted to the environment is not subject to renewal.

Coal is a benediction and curse simultaneously for our planet. The greater percent of all consumable electric power is produced by using coal as a fuel, but at the same time the enormous quantity of the greenhouse gases and other contaminants is thrown out in an atmosphere.

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