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paparazzi are photographers who chose private lives of celebrities as their professional domain. The paparazzi’s objective is to capture a scoop or a scandal to get compensation.

The word comes from Federico Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita (1960) in which the hero, Marcello, played by Marcello Mastroianni, is often accompanied by a young photographer named Paparazzo.

“Paparazzi” is the plural of paparazzo in Italian. In an interview with the weekly Oggi after the release of La Dolce Vita, Giulietta Masina, wife of Federico Fellini, said that she had suggested this name, made from “pappataci” (little mosquito) and “ragazzi” (young men). Ennio Flaianno, one of the writers of the film and the creator of Paparazzo said, in his turn, that he found it in a book of travel by George Gissing, By the Ionian Sea (1901), one of the characters of which was a Signor Paparazzo.

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Professional photographers, the paparazzi are equipped with digital SLR. These devices are the most effective (gusts, zoom, image quality).

Paparazzi behavior is usually very competing and daring in order to achieve some shots of a celebrity. They use high-end photo devices with super-teleobjectives (focal length up to 1200 mm). This equipment allows them to take pictures of good quality at a great distance (up to a kilometer).

Some have two kits to avoid the loss of time when changing objectives, time can sometimes prove to be crucial in certain situations.

Besides the material aspect, the paparazzi try to act naturally to not any raise doubts and suspicions which would put photographed people in an unnatural attitude. To achieve this, the photographers can hide, monitor their remote target, establish a stash in the car, or hide outside.

The people photographed are mostly widely known and popular personalities. These people are now accustomed to see pictures of themselves in magazines. But when it comes to compromising photos, they might react badly and complain.

Paparazzi themselves often cause scandals and even became the cause of a tragedy when celebrities trying to avoid their attention are set in unpleasant or dangerous situation as it the case with Princes Diana, who were killed during trying to escape following her paparazzi.

Another important side of the problem is an ethical issue of the paparazzi professional activity, who very often are sued for violating private life of the famous people.

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