Picking a Good Research Paper Topic

Research paper writing is a typical assignment at colleges and universities, which is expected to assist students with the development of their critical thinking and analytical skills. The value of a research paper is the fact that students spend much time at the library or in the Internet collecting the necessary information on the topic and probably learn something useful. A good paper is a complete broad analysis of the chosen research paper topic, the set of facts supported by the reliable evidence. Furthermore, the student is sure to brainstorm something new on the topic, because a research paper suggests wide space for the analysis, investigation, hypothesis, predictions, etc. One can select a certain problem for the research and predict the possible results and do much work expecting to achieve the very predicted results.

Naturally, the main problem related with research paper writing is closely connected with the topic of the paper. The student can be extremely talented and hardworking but the quality of the research paper can be poor just because of the wrong topic. If the picked topic is not close to the student, if it is not interesting for him, the quality of the research will be weak. Furthermore, the topic of the paper should be familiar to the student, because if one already has certain background knowledge on the chosen problem, the job will be easier and one will spend less time and efforts to complete the research successfully. Moreover, if there is advantage that the student is good at some topic, the final paper will be excellent. The explanation is easy. The student already knows about the topic a lot but spends time to improve his knowledge on it, so it is obvious that the quality of such a well-analyzed paper will be great.

Many students fail their research papers because of the wrongfully picked topics. There are two main types of topic: broad and narrow. On the one hand the advantage of a broad topic is great, because one can write about the problem a lot as there are many books and periodicals investigating it, but on the other hand a broad topic causes many problems to students, because an inexperienced student loses the sense of the problem in the process of the research and can not focus on a single topic analyzing many unnecessary facts. The choice of a narrow topic is a real challenge to a student, because he will have to spend more time analyzing the problem and collecting the evidence, but the advantage is that he definitely knows what he researches. So, the correctly and successfully chosen topic can be the key to the student’s success in the whole process of research paper writing.

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