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is the science which studies psychological phenomena (thinking, emotions, willpower, etc) and the human behaviour which depends on these phenomena. Psychology is a very popular science and the humanity tries not only to get to know about the slightest peculiarities of the human brains but even tries to study the animal psychics giving birth to the so called zoopsychology (analyzing the animal’s behaviour). Psychological knowledge had its beginning in prehistoric times in the magical and mythical tradition. The ancient Greek philosophers first introduced the ideas about the human knowledge and the cause of the certain types of the human behaviour already at that time, because the human being has always been interesting to everyone. No wonder, psychology existed as a part of philosophy for centuries and only in the 19th century is became treated like a separate discipline.

The ancient philosophers managed to study such problems as temperament, the brain activity, the research over emotions and feelings, the theory of motives, the phenomenon of reflexes, etc.

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The further psychologists tried to define the actual reasons of the definite types of the human behaviour. There were ideas about the impact of the natural environment, society, biology, inheritance and other factors which could define the certain model of the human life. Psychology is an extremely important discipline which studies the peculiarities of the human mind and is aimed at the supply of information about the psychological development of the human being, the crises and problems she faces; teaches to exist in the human society, accept the world as it is, etc.

A research report on psychology is a real challenge to every student, because the science has dozens of branches which study different aspects of the human life, so one is supposed to choose the most interesting topics which would be enough narrow for the sensible research. The student is able to learn about the history of psychology, define the most effective periods of its development and share the names and the greatest contributions of the prominent psychologists with the professor. One is expected to define the importance of psychology for the human society and think about the issues which are researched in the current period.

When one is asked to prepare a research report, he is supposed to reveal the problem from all sides in order to provide the reader with the up-to-date and completely objective facts about the current condition of psychology. The student has the opportunity to prepare a quality assignment paying attention to the free psychology research report sample written by the experienced writer. When the writer does not know about the structure of the text, he can look through a free psychology research report introduction example found online.

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