Quantum Computing Research Paper

Quantum computing is a computing that uses quantum mechanics to perform specific types of calculations. For general calculations, quantum computers are not faster than today’s computers, but when in January 2014 Google tested a quantum computer, D-Wave 2 revealed that the for some special problems was 35,000 times faster than a normal computer.

The basic unit of quantum computing is the qubit. Such data units can take the values ​​zero (0), one (1) or a super value that are both zero and one at the same time. The main challenge in the design of quantum computer is to develop a system that can read or change qubit state, so that the correct “answers” can be read.

University student preparing their quantum computing research papers should learn that a quantum computer can basically do everything a regular computer can do. In order to exploit the special properties of quantum computer is required, however, special methods of calculation algorithms. Examples of such algorithms developed are Shor’s Algorithm for Prime Factorization of integers, and search and sort algorithms.

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A simplified example for quantum computing looks like this: take a system of qubits on which the initial state is written. Then the state of the system or its subsystems changed by unitary transformations that perform certain logical operations. At the end of the measured value, and is the result of a computing. Role usual computer wires is playing by qubits, and the role of logic classical computer blocks is playing by unitary transformations. Such a concept of quantum processor and quantum logic gates was proposed in 1989 by David Deutsch. In 1995 David Deutsch also found a universal logic block, with which you can perform any quantum computing.

In February 2007, the Canadian company D-Wave gave a demonstration of what they claimed to be a quantum computer, which would consist of a 16-qubits superconducting adiabatic quantum processor. D-Wave has not released any details about its quantum computer, and many experts have expressed skepticism.

In spring 2009, the researchers at Yale University, University of Waterloo, Atomic Institut der Österreichischen Universitäten and Université de Sherbrooke demonstrate a quantum processor that could perform some simple quantum algorithms, “the Grover search” and “Deutsch-Jozsa” algorithms. British scientists, who developed a chip that opens a new avenue for the so-called quantum computers, think we may have quantum computers within ten years.

Although there are only a handful of useful algorithms designed for quantum computers, researcher says that their application will prove far more useful than current technology to simulate a large number of biological, chemical, and physical systems. In this way, they become the standard tool for a whole host of new industries, such as pharmaceutical and materials design. Here are a few international groups with more successful in Australia, which made some ​​progress.

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