Research Paper on Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment is usually determined by the tumor type, its location, structure, and the disease stage in accordance with TNM classification. There are following types of treatment:

The first type is a method of the tumor surgical removal. The method is effective for the cancer treatment on early stages of the disease, when tumors are small and available for surgery and without metastases. Recurrence of the tumor is quite often after surgical removal.

Radiation therapy is another type of cancer treatment, which is used for treating undifferentiated tumors, sensitive to radiation. This method is also useful for the local metastases destruction.

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The next type of cancer treatment is chemotherapy, which is used for the treatment on advanced stages of the disease, using antitumor antibiotics and other drugs that destroy or inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Relatively advanced type of cancer treatment is so-called gene therapy, the essence of which is the impact on the system of STAT (signal transduction and transcription), thereby regulating the process of cell division.

At the moment, the best results in the treatment of cancer are observed when using the combined methods of treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy).

A promising direction in the treatment methods are the local treatment of tumors, such as the local (regional) chemotherapy, chemoembolization, pyrexia.

Neutron therapy is a new treatment for the tumor similar to radiation therapy. The difference between those two is that neutron therapy uses neutrons. Neutrons penetrate very deeply into the living tissue and destroy the tumor without damaging healthy tissues unlike radiotherapy. This therapy has shown a very high percentage of full recovery in the treatment of tumors with 73.3% of success even at an advanced stage.

Most anticancer drugs are highly toxic; therefore, the duration of chemotherapy scheme is selected based on the intensity of side effects. The method of hydration and diuresis are used in a program of intensive chemotherapy to accelerate the withdrawal of drugs from the blood.

Some very toxic drugs can sometimes cause nausea and vomiting, especially in children. Prior to the introduction of high-emetic drugs, such as, for example, cisplatin or high-dose of cytosar, an accompanying therapy has to include antiemetic drugs and use them during the course of chemotherapy, or to resort to the use of cannabis. The most effective are the selective 5HT3-receptor blockers (Zofran, Kytril, novoban).

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