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Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS or CompSci) – literally, the study of computer – comprises two fields of science: the theoretical foundations of information and computing and their application in computer systems. There are several disciplines within computer science: some specific disciplines (such as computer graphics) belong to the area of the practical computation and specific technical implementation, while others (such as the theory of computational complexity) are related to the analysis of the algorithms properties and focus on the problems that concern the definition of concepts and models, i.e., are highly abstract.

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For example, the studies of programming language theory describe a computation, while computer programming applies programming languages to develop a specific solution to a specific computational problem.

Originally, computer science formed part of mathematics, electronics and other technical sciences and later evolved into a separate discipline – it was recognized only in the 1970s – but still remains in close relationship with mathematics, which provides a theoretical basis of computing. Since its recognition as a separate discipline computer science has developed its own methods and terminology.

The first academic department of computer science was founded at the Purdue University in 1962. Today the faculties and the departments of computer science are available at most universities in the world.

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