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The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was one of the prominent American authors of the beginning of the 20th century. The writer gives not a common novel with boring descriptions of the nature and it is not a romantic story. Here the reader can read  the history of the USA from the point of view of a common American, who dreams about successful life, good family and friends. Besides, there is also the description which is interesting for psychology, which is related to the value of money for the lonely man. Reading a novel one can see that money without love will never bring happiness. 

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The Great Gatsby is the best example of the ‘American dream’. Every American of the 20th had the general image of the ‘American dream’ – successful life without needs. The ideal life was imagined in this way: a great house which could include many people, good job, good car, good family, plenty of money and time to meet friends and organize great parties. A range of rich people kept the life according to the rules of this general image and every citizen strived to reach such life conditions.

The Great Gatsby has become very popular not because of the true-to-life description of the real life of the period but for the interesting and fascinating content and plot development. it is really impossible stop reading till the end, because the author managed to keep the reader in tension all the time. No wonder, on the basis of the novel several films were shot and theatrical plays written. A college research paper on the Great Gatsby symbolism should be informative, critical and interesting. It should contain brief summary of the novel, characteristics of the main characters and their role in the novel. Then, the paper should focus on the themes and problems the novel reflects and provide professional analysis of the text. Finally, a student has to prove the novel is worth reading with the help of nice citations and smart evidence.

Evidently, every student who has to conduct research on the Great Gatsby will face many problems connected with the analysis of the text. It is really difficult for an inexperienced young person to draw wise conclusions and find hidden themes in the novel. In order to improve your knowledge of the book read reliable critics of the famous writers who have studied the content of the novel scrupulously. Besides, free critical research papers on the Great Gatsby and the American dream will be useful for every student who has problems with paper writing and analysis of the text.

Every free sample research paper on the Great Gatsby theme will be helpful to see how a successful paper looks like. For example, how to compose the paper logically, analyze data professionally and draw smart conclusions.

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