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Human cloning generally implies two types of cloning: genetically identical recreation of a human being, or reproductive cloning, and cloning of human cells and tissues from single somatic cell for transplants and other use in medicine, or therapeutic cloning. While the former is an active field of research, reproductive cloning is a highly controversial issue and still is an active topic of the debates on ethical possibility of this type of researches.

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There is a theoretical possibility of combining these two types of cloning that would assume the replacement of the vital organs affected by disease or the whole body when extensively damaged with a partial or complete brain transplantation.

The cloned bodies would then serve as “living organ bank,” which raises the controversy as follows: can we create clones and then sacrifice them so that we can live?

The first serious attempts to advocate cloning and genetic engineering were published in The American Naturalist in 1966 by Nobel Prize winner Joshua Lederberg. In 1971, another Nobel Laureate, James D. Watson, published his essay on the potential and the perils of cloning: “Moving Toward the Clonal Man.” In 1997, Scotland’s scientists announced the birth of the world’s first cloned mammal (Dolly, a sheep). In 1998, the scientists from South Korea declared that they had cloned human embryo, but the work results were never published in any major scientific journal. Since then, there have been constant debates about the ethics, safety, and usefulness of cloning humans.

The topic brings up important ethical issues and needs careful consideration due to its controversial nature. The human cloning seems to be of a great potential that is why this problem has occupied the attention of so many great minds of the twentieth century, that is reason for so many institutions, and scientists try hard to bring it to its resolving. A good research proposal on cloning must contain interesting facts and to be informative, it has to outline the structure of the research, its main collisions, effects, and discoveries it produced. To write a proper research paper means to shows all the pros and cons of this topic, to prepare fertile soil for the further researches and speculation which finally make us closer to the realization of this phenomenon.

To be able to fully understand possible ways of representing this interesting topic in the best light firstly an interested student must consult all the reliable sources, to analyze it in a due manner and develop the plan of the paper he is about to write. His paper needs to start with a thesis statement, to continue with main arguments of the research and bring the reader to the clear conclusion. To do this right for the first time it may be helpful to use free example research projects on different Human Cloning topics. These sample research papers about cloning can become the guideline to you first steps in writing a college research paper.

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