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International marketing is a strategy of promoting goods and services in international scale. There is no fundamental difference between marketing “inside” (the national market) and international marketing, including export. In both cases, there are the same principles of marketing.

However, due to the specific international environment there are some differences. It is impossible to ignore the specific of the foreign markets, especially the economic, political, legal, social and cultural environment of others countries. It is necessary to emphasize the peculiarities of international trade (customs regulations, non-tariff barriers, exchange controls, and the specifics of commercial operations, etc.). You also need to take into account international agreements regulating economic linkage between the countries, international trade practices, and customs. So a firm, before deciding on the marketing abroad, need to learn a lot and well understand the features of the international marketing environment.

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There exist a sequence of key decisions you need to make before your company goes international. You have to study foreign marketing environment. You must decide if it is reasonable to enter foreign market with your products and define the specific market you want to go. Moreover, you have to select the marketing instruments you are to implement for successful promotion of your products on the chosen market. You should also elaborate the marketing strategy and develop the structure of the marketing initiative.

If the decision to enter a foreign country market is made, the company has to develop strategy to organize its abroad activities. It can be export, joint ventures, direct ownership (direct investment), or a combination of these methods. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Export is the easiest way of doing business in foreign markets and requires minimum of investments abroad. However, exports are the least possible engaging in international marketing. In a joint venture, a domestic firm agrees to combine some elements of its activities with foreign partners to join the business experience and connections and to share the costs for the production and marketing of new products. A joint venture can reduce costs and obtain various benefits from a foreign country, if the products are produced in its territory. A joint venture can take the form of licensing, production or management contracts, or joint ownership. Direct ownership of the company provides complete control over its international activity. This form allows engaging in production, marketing, and other activities in foreign countries without the participation of foreign partners.

Writing of a research paper on International marketing implies a serious study of the international economic situation, the principles of the functionality of foreign markets, and marketing tools providing effective business activities in markets abroad. To learn how to write a good research proposal, you should study a few free example research paper topics on International marketing.

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