Research Paper on Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is the process of collection and recycling waste paper back into product of the same grade quality or lower quality product as packaging board.

The energy and water consumption in the production of recycled paper is generally lower than in the new paper production from the primary fibers such as wood or pulp. In this way, the paper recycling is an important contribution to environmental protection.

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Recycled paper is used today mainly for the production of newsprint, office paper (copy paper), sanitary paper (toilet paper) and cardboard boxes. Newsprint and many sorts of carton are made almost entirely from waste paper.

Recycling process means basically removing foreign objects as glue or plastic. The key stage in recycling paper is deinking, the removal of the printing ink from the paper fiber. Non-deinked recycled paper is virtually of no use to the market. After cleaning and straining, processed paper fibers can be used again for making paper, but the same paper fibers can go through the process of recycling not more than six-eight times, because with each recycling they are getting shorter and finally strain out.

Raw materials for paper recycling are usually collected from three sources: paper production remains (trimmings, etc.), unconsumed paper (e.g. not sold newspapers and magazines from outlets) and waste paper collected for recycling.

The part of recycling of paper in the USA has reached 53.4% in 2006 with the goal of 55% in 2013.

Research paper on paper recycling can be of great attraction to the college students studying environmental economics. The role of paper recycling is growing each year all over the globe. In the light of environmental issues such as deforestation and chemical runoff from pulp production, the process of recycling waste materials is of particular importance. The cost of water and electricity, which are spent much more economically in the processing of wasted paper, should also be taken into account. In their research paper on paper recycling, students should discover the importance of recycling in today’s market and show the importance of paper recycling for the environment. Explore and try to predict market demand on paper recycling in the future.

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