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The notion of physical fitness consists of two related concepts: the first one includes general physical and mental well-being, and means the ability to perform everyday physical activity without undue fatigue and the capacity to cope with the stress. The second one is a specific fitness activity based on the ability to engage in certain sports disciplines or other activities. Physical fitness of a body and mind is generally achieved by the means of regular exercise, healthy and balanced nutrition and rest.

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The origins of the fitness are connected to the invention and spread of the basic form of recreational exercise called aerobics. The inventor of this form of exercise is considered to be Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who worked with NASA ad was occupied in creation of the conditioning program preparing America’s astronauts for space and in-flight anti-deconditioning program to keep astronauts active on board spacecraft. He conducted numerous studies on the many thousands of people who helped him create basics of aerobics. A characteristic feature of “aerobic” (i.e. oxygen) exercises was the activation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems working in such a way that the body could collect enough oxygen and avoid periods of hypoxia.

While Dr. Cooper is generally considered as the founder of the method of exercises commonly called aerobics, as much a symbol of physical exercises performed to the music was his compatriot, once popular actress Jane Fonda. Fonda created her own set of exercise that she called Work Out.
In time new form of the fitness arrived, the industry has evolved and personalized services have been developed (mentoring or individual training).

Widely explored this topic can become a reliable source of a great deal of interesting material, unique ideas and information on the outstanding personalities for writing a good research paper or research proposal on health and fitness. This topic also can be of great interest for those who write research papers on history of the personal fitness development as well as on a diet and healthy lifestyle as a best weapon against cardiovascular problems.

Under this topic, a student can address a range of important issues concerning the modern society, to trace the connection seeps into the motivation of the personality and ability to find solutions to pressing problems. In addition, students may be interested in writing research papers on fitness in connection with its growing influence on the health care industry and its potential capability of finding the best way out of current situation.

To write a decent college research paper in APA/MLA format is obliged to carry out a full spectrum of necessary investigation, he must find a reliable source of credible information like websites, periodicals, articles, encyclopedias about physical fitness and specific physical activity.

It is necessary to determine the role of physical activity in modern society, to name the key events of this phenomenon development, to identify the personalities who have had a decisive influence on the processes, which brought fitness into its present state.

Today there is a great deal of diverse information, which, if properly managed, will allow the student to make an extensive, interesting and unique university research project on the topic.

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