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Property management is a holistic approach to the real estate business. Property management is a branch of business administration, in particular the real estate industry. It includes the project development, the project management for design, construction, and facility management for the real estate and building management. This includes the wider construction management, for example, corporate real estate management and construction management.

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The property management basic responsibilities include the commercial, technical, and infrastructural management of real estate, such as facility management. The activity thus extends from the rental and accounts of maintenance and repairs to the organization of other services such as security guards and cleaners.

An efficient property management analyzes the customer’s need, has an extensive knowledge of the real estate market, and shows the ability to understand the complexity of real estate management and connect all conceptual components.

The modern property management uses the amount of investment in real estate, the time intervals up to performance effectiveness of decisions and the long payback periods as the efficient control tools for all tasks of strategic analysis, planning, and management.

What property management concerns today is a really wide number of activities, which provide a range of services in a variety of real estate areas.

Market demands are so high, that in order to work in the sector of property management personnel must be true professionals, who are constantly at the forefront of the latest advances in technological and economic terms. College and university students, who have found the courage to shed light on the modern property management in their research, will have to discover and understand all the existing diversity of this vast service sector of the real estate market. They will find out what are the immediate needs of this ever-growing industry, answer the question what kind experts are most needed, and explain how the high-tech help to solve a number of important problems from the long-term prediction of the real estate market growth to creating the system of analysis of consumer demand behavior.

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