Research Paper on Quality of Worklife

Health is the foundation of the quality of worklife, in its broadest sense, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. In addition, the quality of working life should be measured in terms of personal development it is capable of generating from the work-life reconciliation through the development of skills, social support, creativity, or self-awareness.

The meaning of this concept varies depending on the status, age, gender, job of the individual, but it is possible to identify a number of key factors that appear critical to the quality of life at work:

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  • social and professional relationships: the recognition of the work, respect, consideration of colleagues and superiors, social dialogue and participation in decision making;
  • job content: autonomy, task variety, degree of responsibility;
  • physical work environment: safety, noise, heat, lighting, cleanliness, spatial framework;
  • functioning of the organization: quality of work requirement, ability to support the organization in resolving malfunctions, difficulty, workload, occupational risk prevention;
  • self-realization and professional development: training, accreditation of prior learning, skills development, safety careers;
  • reconciliation between work and life outside of work: rhythm and work schedules, family life, access to services, recreation, transportation …

The quality of working life is the major factor of business performance and working conditions improvement. There will be no quality work, no quality products, and no quality services with employees disengaged, absent, a fortiori sick. That is why the main questions of your research proposal should be how to implement this idea to on the site?

To create a healthy workplace, it is not simply to avoid the cold or flu! It is necessary to raise the question of a holistic perspective to consider the health of your employees at all levels: physical, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, emotional, mental, and professional. The measures that promote the quality of worklife for employees also bring benefits to the organization: work environment is more productive and attractive for the employees, when the employees are healthy and satisfied. More and more organizations are setting up departments of health and wellness, which aim to identify factors that may threaten the health of the employees and find safety solutions.

Students, who write a research project on the quality of working life, have to closely consider initiatives, which aim to reduce absenteeism, to increase productivity, to improve social relations at work, to reduce stress, attract new employees, and to help retain employees. They have to explain, why it is so important to be able to help employees achieve balance and give them possibility of personal satisfaction when performing their work and thus valuing their job.

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