Research Paper on Racial Profiling

When a person is treated negatively (mostly in law enforcement) on the basis of the color of her skin and ethnicity, such phenomenon is called racial profiling. Although, people are considered to be equal no matter what their race, color of skin, religious views are, the problem of racism is extremely urgent nowadays. People whose color of skin is different from the majority of the population of the place feel neglected and they often become victims of racial profiling. The problem does not touch upon only Afro-Americans but also whit people who live in South Africa and Muslim parts of France.

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People of a different race feel unsafe being in minority and it is a big problem, which should be solved. Very often when a person of the racial minority commits a crime, she is not judged according to the law. On the other hand when a crime is committed against such a person the criminal will not possibly be found.

The problem of racial profiling is quite usual at the airports (because of the threat of terrorism), when Muslims and Afro-Americans are checked more carefully than other people. Writing a research paper on racial profiling in airports one has to develop the topic wider and analyze the root of the problem, the reasons and the consequences of such attitude. Very often the acts of racial profiling lead to international scandals, when a famous outstanding person of the other race is being treated this way by mistake. A successful paper should analyze the problem profoundly and present effective solutions to it. A student has to think over how it is possible to change the opinion of people towards the representatives on other races and to make the human society more tolerant in this aspect.

When a student is asked to prepare a research paper on the topic, starts thinking how to organize the paper correctly, become every research is different and requires its own structure, kind of data and the way of analysis. The most common helper with paper writing for students is the Internet and constant access to free samples of research papers on racial profiling in law enforcement. Students read the samples and try to borrow the writer’s experience and realize the proper way of making their papers logical and sound.

One should remember that free examples of research papers on racial profiling in America is not enough to complete a good paper. In order to describe the problem from all sides, one has to read a great list of literary sources: books, articles from newspapers and magazines, which present situations connected with racial profiling from the real life. Having gathered enough information, it will be possible to make successful analysis and draw wise conclusions.

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