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There is a great amount of issues in the system of secondary education. The recent questioning, in particular, show us that our fellow-citizens are inclined to consider that today’s quality of education is worse, than it was forty years ago. They also believe that the number of good schools, as well as good teachers, is increasingly less, than then (such judgements are speak out two-three times more often, than the opposites). However, when the conversation drifts to the school environment the opinion strikingly changes.

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During the last questioning the school environment topic came into question only with those respondents that have children, grandchildren or another near relatives, who were school students. Such were 47% of respondents, and all questions set to them touched those schools exceptionally, where their offspring study. It turned out that 32% of the polled (or 68% of the number of having relatives at school age) on the whole were content with these schools, and only 7% of them were not satisfied (yet 8% – had a difficulty to give a certain answer).

Answering the question what they like in the schools, where their children and grandchildren study, respondents mostly marked professionalism of teachers: “the teachers are good”; “skilled teaching staff” said 11% of all polled. Notedly rarer the respondents talked about school equipment with modern amenities (2%), good school material rate (1%), and also about high quality of education (3%).

Most relatives of schoolchildren (64%, or 30% of all respondents) declare certainly that they are fully content with school environment, where their offspring studies that there is nothing that would cause for them an alarm or disturbance. Those, who find out one or another anxious symptoms are almost three times less (11% of all respondents). The disturbing factors can be conditionally divided into two groups: “teaching factor” (5% of polled talked about indifference in teachers, subzero quality of teaching, about the shortage of teachers) and “child’s factor” (approximately as many respondents mentioned cruelty of children, stealing in schools, smoking and doing drugs, enhanceable attention of schoolchildren to the symbols of material sufficiency – to the fashionable clothing, cellular telephones, etc.). We will mark that some (1% of polled) talked about vulnerability, unprotectedness of schools from threats from outside; it is clear that anxiety on this occasion is caused by the recent cases of shootings in schools.

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