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In most Western countries in recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of particularly cruel crimes of rape and other sexual offenses.

No matter how to approach to the analysis of these data, the increase is real and requires explanation. Many people blame the large quantity of sex in the media, insisting that excessive violence and pornography scenes, replicated by media, have a deleterious effect on the younger generation and those who are susceptible to this kind of information. Is it a coincidence that in the last 30 years the number of violent scenes, broadcast on television has also increased, and the number of scenes showing undisguised and blatant eroticism and pornography in the media? Apparently, there is still a temporal relationship between the increasing influence of sex in the media and particularly the increasing number of violent crimes and rape, but whether one causes the other?

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Students writing their research paper on sex in the media should know that a study on the issue provides a huge number of cases that indicate the existence of such a connection. Here is one of the most terrible examples of this kind, in which fourteen girl was assaulted and raped by two teenagers aged of fifteen and one of fourteen years. Girl moonlighted nanny and returned home around 11 pm. Couple with a child that she sat upon it drove her up that night to the street where she lived. When she went to the house, beside her red sports car pulled up – it was hijacked in the same day from the street nearby. In it there were three guys who were unknown to the girl. They offered her a ride, but she refused.

All three followed her into a multi-storey house, where they attacked her. One of them pushed her into a dark corner and told her to take off her pants, and the other took out a knife. They began to molest her, but they were interrupted by an angry tenant who began shouting at them. Then they dragged the girl away from the house and threw her to the ground behind a tree near the river. One of them said: “If you do not undress, we’ll drown you.”

Frightened girl obeyed, and all three raped her, then beaten and raped the girl again. They also made “and other disgusting sexual acts. Then two of them urinated on her. Then all three left, threatening to break her neck if she tells anyone.

Girl, all tortured, covered herself somehow clothes and went to the apartment of her girlfriend, who called the police. Woman doctor who examined Woman, found bruises, teeth marks and scratches on the girl’s body, but she could not look at it as it should, because any girl touch caused a lot of pain. Three teenagers have been found, and all three admitted to committing the rape. In all their bulk testimony was not a single word of remorse or compassion for the girl.

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