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Steroids (as well as anabolic steroids) are substances of organic and plant origin which are characterized with high biological activity. Steroids are widely used in medicine to cope with a range of diseases but the general public knows only about the one side of steroids – drugs used by sportsmen. In the middle of the XXth century many sportsmen, especially athletes started to take steroids to run faster and longer. For quite a long period of time the judges did not realize the power of steroids and such cheating sportsmen won a lot of competitions without punishment.

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Today the problem of steroids has been discovered profoundly and every sportsman who wins a competition is checked on steroids to prove that he has achieved this result himself. If a sportsman is caught taking steroids, he is usually disqualified and probably loses his chance to compete ever after. The policy is strict and many scandals among world famous sportsmen occurred but this is the only way out to solve this problem.

The topic is extremely urgent for every sportsman and specialist in drugs, that is why students have a possibility to write a good research paper on this problem. A successful research paper should present the chemical processes which occur in the human body after taking steroids and analyze their effects. There should be a detailed description of the types of steroids, where they are used but the whole attention should be paid to their abuse in sports. Simply one has to explain the impact of steroids on the human body which makes sportsmen to be so successful at competitions. Finally, the paper should present personal opinion of the author concerning the taking of steroids by sportsmen.

Students who need to write a research paper on steroids in sports have to investigate the topic scrupulously to realize the types of steroids and their usage in medicine and in sports. It is obvious that without steroids a great number of ill people would suffer, so these drugs must not be banned, but their usage should be severely controlled only for medical purposes. It is not easy to organize a paper of this kind properly, so students need good help with writing a research paper. The Internet is the greatest source of free samples of research papers on the effects of steroids and young people can read these papers to develop their writing skills and improve knowledge on the topic.

Nevertheless, free examples of research papers on steroids and athletes are helpful only if they are written by the real experts; and only in this case one can borrow the structure and the manner of writing from the sample.

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