Research Proposal on Career Development

Career development is a long process of the successful career making which depends on the great number of factors. A career is a long process which waits for everyone who wants to succeed in life and earn much money. Generally, a person starts from quite a law stage being employed into an organization. If one manages to cope with the duties properly, he has a chance to be promoted further. Naturally, it takes people more than ten years to grow from the low stages to the serious and directing ones, but there are cases when an individual shows his excellent professional skills and activeness and reaches the highest stages very fast. The speed and the possibility of promotion depend on many factors.

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To begin with, psychological factors build the basis for every career, because even if one possesses deep knowledge on the discipline, he will never be a good employee if he can not coexist with other employees, if he is not communicative, does not have self-consciousness, courage, etc. Sociological factors are of the same importance for the employee, because he will not be able to work separately at a great corporation, he will need to be a sociable person and communicate with the co-workers and customers properly. The next factor is knowledge and the professional skills, which help the employee do his work well. Without the professional and background knowledge and critical thinking he will not develop his career, even worse, he will stuck to his low-paid job or will be fired. Finally, economic factor is the last and often the most essential one in the career development, because if the work is awarded with money, the person will work hard to earn even more and reach the highest positions of the career ladder.

A well-organized career development research proposal is supposed to be interesting, informative and logical. A student who is interested in the investigation of the topic should show that he has already done much work to research the problem of career development and hand in a successful research proposal on it. The proposal should contain the purpose of research, the predicted results, the list of the methods used for the research and literature review essential for the quality of the investigation.

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