Research Proposal on Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction is the complex of actions aimed to reduce the level of poverty in the world.

Poverty is only of the biggest problems of the human civilization. There always have been rich and poor people.

Always one is happy and prosperous, the other is poor and simply exists in terrible conditions. The humanity has always wanted to cope with the problem of poverty, because the situation is getting worse and worse with every new year. The world is extremely unequal.

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Some countries and people there are very rich; they do not know what to spend the money on. The other countries and people live in such conditions which make them think whether they will manage to find something to eat this day. No wonder, during the history many philosophers, writers and scholars tried to brainstorm some effective methods to defeat poverty all over the world and bring prosperity for every human being. Unfortunately, it is completely impossible. A great number of masterpieces of world literature are dedicated to the utopian theories, which offer wealth and equality for everyone. A great number of socialist and communist movements have been created with the similar intention but nothing has been effective enough to reduce poverty on the planet.

Even now scholars try to brainstorm interesting and effective theories, which can help the humanity cope with poverty but their attempts are not successful. Writing a research proposal, a student will have to do much work. First of all, in order to be good at the topic under research one will have to read a lot about the problem. Then, a student should think over a few key questions, which he liked or which surprised him while learning the topic. If he is really interested in the topic and has smart ideas connected with it, he is able to write a research proposal and ask the professor for permission to investigate it further. The proposal is a serious paper, although quite brief in volume.

It is supposed to present to the professor a brief summary of the methods, expectations and possible results of the research of this important topic. If one manages to persuade the professor the topic is worth researching, it will be success.

Student who wants to complete a successful paper will have to devote much time to the research of the topic. He will have to collect enough data from the reliable literary sources which are available at the library and in the Internet. Moreover, it is highly recommended to take advantage of the extra help of the web and read free sample research proposals on poverty reduction in India to see the way a professional paper is written. Every free example paper on poverty reduction in Pakistan is good experience and a set of useful tips for successful paper writing and students should never omit such help.

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