Research Report on Banking Sector

Banking Sector Research Report:

Banking sector is the set of different financial institutions, which work with finance and offer various services with money and securities. The history of banking is quite long and dates back to more than 8th century BC, when the private property started to play the important role in the human life. The role of money became very important and various institutions and professions dealing with finance appeared. The banking sector has developed to enormous levels nowadays and today a bank is not only the place where one can borrow money and open a deposit in order to keep the money in safety. Modern banks offer wider opportunities to their clients and cooperate with various companies, as a result one can do nearly everything with help of a bank. The services include: security, purchase or sell of real estate, purchase of noble metals, foreign exchange, the rent of a bank safe for certain purposes, etc.

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Banking sector includes various types of banks, for example, central banks (the organization and maintenance of the national currency and care of the national budget); commercial banks (private banks which earn money offering various financial operations and transactions); universal banks (offer all possible banking services); investment banks (they are specialized on the securities and investments); savings banks (are focused on the finance of the people who devote their money to the bank for protection). Being the centres of finance and possessing enormous resources banks have become influential institutions which play the important role in the life of the country. Possessing many functions, rights and duties the banks regulate the financial situation in the country and its people.

Banking sector is the important factor which influences the economics of the country and the financial condition of the people. When one is interested in the topic and is ready to suggest his own ideas for the research, he has the right to investigate them and present them in the banking sector research report. A successful research report contains the purpose of the research, the expected results of the analysis, the methodology of the research and the list of the literature review, which made it possible to analyze the topic well. Finally, the student is supposed to evaluate the importance of the topic and summarize it wisely.

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