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Coca Cola Research Report:

Coca Cola is a well-known carbonated soft drink, which is produced by The Coca Cola Company.

Coca Cola is known to be one of the most expensive and successful brands in 2005 and 2011; no wonder the drink is known everywhere and sold in more than 200 countries, it is the single drink which can be found in every corner of the world. The drink was invented in Atlanta, the USA in 1886 by John Pemberton, who was a pharmacist, but there is a legend that the drink was invented by a farmer who sold the recipe to Pemberton for 250 dollars. The name of the drink was brainstormed by the Pemberton’s accountant Frank Robinson, who being good at calligraphy, managed to draw the logo of the drink and the future company.

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At first the drink was used like the best method to calm down and get rid of nervous breakdowns, because of the main ingredient the leaves of coca, which are used for the production of the drug – cocaine, which was not considered to be harmful at that time. The Coca Cola Company was founded in 1892 and exists till the modern time and is supposed to be one of the most successful companies in the world. In order to keep its prestige and avoid plagiarism the company does not reveal the recipe of the drink and keeps it as a commercial secret. The main rival of the Coca Cola Company is Pepsi, which produces similar drink and they both struggle for the customers on the market.

Being one of the most successful the richest company The Coca Cola Company is a famous sponsor of sports competitions and contests all over the world, and if one wants to learn more about the history of the company’s success, he can prepare a good Coca Cola research report and reveal the topic from all sides. A successful research report presents the history of the company, the situation of the market, describes its rivals, analyzes the positive and negative feedback about the company, learns about various conflicts and studies the effect of Coca Cola on the human health, as this topic has always been interesting to people.

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