Research Report on Employee Job Satisfaction

Report on Employee Job Satisfaction:

Employee job satisfaction is the important factor which defines the level of the employee’s satisfaction of his workplace and the working conditions. Evidently, employee job satisfaction is supposed to be one of the core aspects which influence the quality of the company’s production and its development, because a satisfied employee is the productive employee who does his job perfectly well. In fact, the question of job satisfaction appeared not so long ago, because the human rights were not developed to such a high level in comparison with our time. Years ago no one paid attention to the problem of employee job satisfaction but simply demanded much work for the certain set price, but with the development of the human rights the problem of human resource management and employee job satisfaction appeared. The importance of the problem is connected with a few moments.

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First of all if an employee is dissatisfied with the quality of the working conditions, he can change the workplace, but it affects the organization badly; as the high rates of employee turnover reduces the productiveness of the company and as a result reduces its profit. When an experienced employee leaves the workplace, it is not easy to substitute him with the new one. Furthermore, the process of training and development costs money and it is the extra expenditure for the business.

Generally, employee job satisfaction is the situational problem, because every company has its own strong and weak sides, but key elements which influence employee job satisfaction are the salary, the schedule, the number of the working hours, opportunity of self-management and the safe working conditions.

Employee job satisfaction is the important question for the analysis, because it has a great impact on the development of business. There are many ways of the improvement of the rate of employee job satisfaction and every company uses its own one. Nevertheless, a student can try to brainstorm his own alternative ways of job satisfaction, which can be effective in the particular situations. A successful employee job satisfaction research report is expected to possess strict and logical structure, persuasive content, original and non-plagiarized facts and the correct methods of the research. In general, the paper should explain the topic well and reveal it from all sides.

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