Research Report on Finance

Research Report on Finance:

Finance is the discipline which studies the complex of various economic processes, which take place in the process of formation, distribution and use of the centralized and decentralized funds of the country. The most important term which is associated with finance is budget. The explanation of the term finance is quite broad and it is impossible to explain its entire meaning in simple words. For example, finance is called the art of money management, or the appropriate budget management, etc. Finally, the word ‘finance’ is simply used to denote the term ‘money’. With the development of economics finance has changed its meaning several times gradually achieving new and new extra meanings. At first finance was understood as the management of the income which is used for the various needs of the country. Then, finance was used as a synonym of revenue of the country or sometimes as the income of an individual.

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Traditionally, finance is divided into public finance (centralized, state and municipal finance); private finance (decentralized). The latter includes a few more types, like the corporate finance (the fiancé of the organizations) and household finance (family and individual finance). The main difference between the private and public finance is its aim. The key aim of the private finance is to achieve the highest revenue with the help of different means and techniques in order to provide the individual with the maximum profit. On the contrary, the aim of public finance is to distribute the finance between the people of the country on various levels (national and regional).

Finance is the important topic for the research, because finance plays the key role in the normal functioning of the human civilization. In order to complete a successful finance research report a student should devote much time to the process of data collection and analyse the question from all sides. A good research report informs the reader about the purpose of the research, the relevance of the topic, the methodology of the research and the literature review, used for the analysis of the problem. Finally, a student is expected to conclude the paper professionally, observe the historical development of finance and evaluate the role of finance in human life.

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