Research Report on Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Report:

HR (human resources management) is a systematic and organizational process of reproduction and efficient use of personnel.

Effective foreign trade policy that would be competitive in overseas markets, depends not only on the technical equipment of the enterprise, availability of modern technology, a set system of controlproduct quality, researches of market environment, and consistent implementation of the concept of promoting products to overseas markets, as well as the company’s employees qualification and effective personnel management. Human resource management has become increasingly important as a factor in increasing competitiveness, success in implementing its development strategy.

Human resource management can be defined as an activity that aims to achieve the most effective use of personnel to achieve business and personal goals.

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Human resource is traditionally associated with enterprise efficiency. Such efficiency is sometimes understood in a narrow sense and means maximizing the profits. However, the efficiency is more often regarded not only in economic terms, such as cost, quality, productivity, innovation, profits, but in a broader context and concepts associated with personal and psychological aspects, such as staff satisfaction with their work, participation in Company’s life, a high level of collective self-esteem, motivation to work effectively.

At the scope of practical activity, HR is a system of interrelated organizational and economic measures to create conditions for the proper functioning of the effective use of human resource of the company. HR is at the center of the company management.

The subject of human resource management is the management of employees in the production process in terms of the most complete and efficient use of their potential. The main purpose of personnel management is the combination of the personnel ordering avodart effective training, skills improvement and stimulation to work harder. To achieve this goal, first of all, you need to clearly determine the features of managerial work.

Human resource is the population of working age, having physical and mental abilities to participate in the labor process. Personnel (from Lat. Personalis – Personal) is people employed by a company, which has certain competence, combining ability and motivation of each employee and determine its behavior in the organization of the labor process. A person in the company acts as the subject or object of management.

HR at the company is exercised by line managers with the participation of subordinate departments of social direction (Human Resources Department retraining). Human resource management activity, as a special function, is determined by the specific organizational tasks:

  • Development of the concept of personnel management, personnel and human resources strategy;
  • Personnel accounting, inventory, and maintenance of personnel documentation;
  • Personnel recruitment / selection;
  • Personnel professional orientation and adaptation;
  • Personnel training and development;
  • Personnel motivation;
  • Personnel assessment;

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