Research Report on Inflation

Inflation is gradual process of the constant increase of prices which means the reduction of the price of money. One should understand that inflation touches upon the prices on all goods and services simultaneously, because if the prices increase only on the selected products like oil and gas but such goods as clothes, food products, etc remain of their stable price level, the process has nothing to do with inflation. It is simply the increase of the cost of the oil and gas caused by the definite factors. Inflation is something else and different economic schools have not decided yet about the origin and the factors which cause inflation. The most obvious impact of inflation is the reduction of the quality of life. People notice that they can buy fewer products that they could have bought before.

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The biggest victims are those who receive the permanent and fixed financial aid from the country, for example if one receives 1000 dollars monthly during inflation, the actual quantity of the goods and services which he can buy reduces constantly. One month the production which could be bought for 1000 dollars can cost the next month 1500 dollars because of the reduction of the value of money. Among the most obvious causes of inflation are: the lack of supply (the increase of prices on resources); the lack of demand; inflation in other countries (the increase of prices on the imported production); devaluation of the national currency (increases the price on the imported goods and reduces the economic expectations for the better); expectation of the higher prices in future.

Inflation is a natural process in economy and the student is obliged to know about its cause and effect if he has decided to become an expert in economic sciences. The young professional is able to explain the process of inflation dwelling on the definite examples of his own country or other selected countries comparing the types of inflation, its speed and seriousness. The student should research the advantages and disadvantages of inflation and decide how it affects the human quality of life and the process of the development of the country. Moreover one should think about the methods which can be used to solve the problem effectively and reduce the rates of inflation.

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Custom Research Report on Inflation

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