Research Report on Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction Research Report:

Job satisfaction is the indicator which shows whether an employee likes his job or not.

Naturally, a good employee is a satisfied employee and the success and productivity of an organization depends on the fact based on the satisfaction of an employee with his working conditions, wages, employer, staff, the sort of work, etc. More than one hundred years ago the question of job satisfaction did not exist at all, because the production of goods and services was far from the mass and an individual was glad to find any job and did not pay attention to the fact whether he liked it or not. Only in the 20th century with the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and numerous movements and organizations which care about the life of employees and their working conditions the question of job satisfaction appeared.

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There are many factors which influence the indicator of job satisfaction and a smart employer should follow the advice of his employees and make the working conditions favourable for work, otherwise, they will not work hard and change the workplace very soon. The most important factor which motivates employees to work hard and satisfies them with their work is the sum of the wages. The wages shows the lucrative side of the work which is extremely important for an employee. In fact, there are other factors, like working conditions, the working atmosphere, respect, the relations between the employees and the employer, the ability of self-development and worthiness of the fulfilled work.

Job satisfaction is the important factor, which influences the quality of the work of the company, because if the staff is dissatisfied with the job, it will not work hard for the sake of the company.

When there is the assignment to complete a good job satisfaction research report, a student should devote much time to the research of the problem and collection of data. The analysis of the topic depends on the quality of the sources, so one should rely only on the trustworthy books and periodicals. A good research report explains the purpose of the investigation, describes the term of job satisfaction from all sides and evaluates the role of job satisfaction for business.

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