Research Report on Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are the important processes aimed at the employment of the most appropriate people into the staff who will fulfill their duties in the right way. Every company which wants to carry out business professionally should hire the best minds who can work effectively and bring profit to the company. The process of recruitment and selection is quite complicated, because it is difficult to find the right people in the right time. When the firm wants to find the appropriate employees for its staff, it organizes special recruitment sessions which are supposed to attract a great number of applicants. The process of recruitment is organized by the senior managers who are aware about the standards and the criteria which a good employee should possess.

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The applicant has not only to possess certificates about his education, but he should be able to apply this knowledge on practice, that is why the selection is most is often carried out in the form of test and practical tasks. The applicant has to survive the test on his knowledge and qualification and after that he is asked definite questions related with the job itself. The applicant and the manager play different roles testing the applicant in different live situations. Moreover, the manager selects most often not the smartest but the most sociable and amiable applicant who is emotionally stable and cool-hearted. The employee is supposed to work in critical situations and cope with stress and serious duties which require responsibility, patience and care. Of course, it is difficult to understand whether the applicant is the right person for the company but the experienced managers catch it at a moment’s notice.

Recruitment and selection are the primary processes which affect the quality of the company’s production, because the right staff is able to fulfill the job efficiently and in shorter terms. The student has to observe the issue from the professional point of view and analyze the importance of recruitment and selection for the development and prosperity of the company. The young person can think about the components of the process, the stages and requirements which are set by the employers. One can present the typical example of the recruitment processes demonstrating various approaches towards the process and different styles and methods of selection.

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Custom Research Report on Recruitment and Selection

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