Research Report on Smoking

Smoking Research Report:

Smoking is a practice to inhale the smoke a burning substance through the mouth or nose.
Several types of products can be absorbed in this way:

  • tobacco
  • chicha
  • cannabis
  • opium
  • salvia
  • heroine
  • crack, a freebase of cocaine
  • methamphetamine.

This type of consumption is usually done using adapted pipes, and cigarettes or cigars, especially in the case of tobacco and hemp. The heroin can be smoked, for example using cigarettes rolled over aluminum paper under which a flame is passed to allow the inhalation of vapors.

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These products are consumed for their narcotic properties. This mode of consumption converts the active substances of a product in a form allowing their assimilation into the bloodstream through the lungs, towards the brain where they act.

Besides these narcotics, some plants are sometimes smoked as a cigarette, such as the leaves of eucalyptus. Some of these Indian cigarettes do not contain tobacco, but herbs rolled in a eucalyptus leaf. In Indonesia, the kretek contain more clove than tobacco for flavor. Some African and American traditional cultures are burning herbs in fireplace for inhaling fumes, but these practices related to various forms of shamanism and refer more to the fumigation.

Besides the toxic properties of inhalants, this mode of consumption leads in many cases at high risk of the throat, tongue, and lung cancer, due to the absorption of carcinogens accompanying the combustion of the consumed product.

The history of smoking dates back to 5000 years BC and took its origin from shamanic rituals. Previously, smoking evolved in connection with religious ceremonies, as a kind of sacrifice offered to the gods in a ritual of purification, as well as a means that allowed shamans to change the state of their minds in order to achieve spiritual purification. After America was explored and conquered by Europeans practice of smoking has spread around the world. In regions such as India and Sub-Saharan Africa tobacco merged with existing practices of smoking (mostly of cannabis). In Europe, presented a new type of social activity and a form of narcotic consumption, which was not previously known.

Ideas about smoking were different depending on the time and place: smoking was a holy, sinful, once refined, sometimes vulgar, it was a panacea, as well as a mortal threat to health. Only recently, especially in the industrialized Western countries, smoking is presented in a decidedly negative light.

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