Research Report on Stress Management

Stress Management Research Report:

Stress Management is a method of preventive stress management known as the most promising approach to the problem of stress managing.

The core of the method is that set of principles and specific techniques devoted to the health of individuals and companies in order to protect individuals and companies from the bad effects of stress.

The authors of the concept developed five basic principles, which make up the foundation of the preventive stress management.

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  1. Individual and company are dependent on each other: the performance and health of an individual depends on the company. The company cannot achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency without employees being healthy and full of energy, there must be a mutual fit.
  2. Company and individual stress is not inevitable: there are some stereotypes that insist that stress is part of the success and progress, but this way of thinking is an excuse for lack of activity in stress management.
  3. Managers are responsible for the health of individuals and companies: the company should act not only when it is necessary, but also in the self-interest and the interest of employees, but without compromising their health.
  4. Companies should show continuous interest both for the operation and the unit. This is what used to be the cause of stress in the company, now it is not. What is important is constant effort, which was directed to the issue of stress management and its monitoring (effects and causes)
  5. Every individual and company individually respond to stressful situations: this formation has very important consequences in practice – you cannot talk about the best way to manage stress, because it needs to be adapted to the individual abilities of employee and the characteristics of the company.

General model of stress management should be adapted for each company taking into account their individual needs and capabilities. There is so-called algorithm procedure, which can be appropriately modified in order to fit the size of the company, the type of stressors and resources available. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health at Work says that in the general scheme of stress management should consist of three main elements:

  • identification of the problem
  • intervention
  • evaluation of an interventio

Free sample research report topics on stress management will teach you that sometimes the best strategy for coping with stress is to restructure the social and physical environment. In managing stress, a strong emphasis should be put on eliminating the source, modify the people response to the stressful situations, and minimize the consequents of the stress. These actions will ensure that improved emotional state will improve the functioning of the entire company. The conclusion is that it is worth investing time, money, and effort into stress management program in order to observe the satisfaction of employees in an efficient company.

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