Research Report on Unemployment

Unemployment Research Report:

To understand the nature of unemployment, we should first consider the concept of “unemployed.”

According to the definition of international organizations (ILO and Society of Economic Cooperation and Development), unemployed is a person without a job who is able to work and looks for work in the last four weeks or who have already got a job, but not yet started to work. For example, in U.S. Law, unemployed are those who were out of employment during a week, made efforts to find a job in the previous four weeks or went directly to the employer or to the State employment service or to friends.

In Japan, unemployed is the one who did not work during a week and in the UK, the one who do not have a job during a week, looked for a job during this week and cannot find it because of illness or who are waiting for the outcome of negotiations on employment.

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Thus, unemployment is a complex multi-faceted economic phenomenon of a society with a market economy, when a part of the working-age the population is not engaged in the production of goods and services, can not realize their labor potential in the labor market due to the lack of (absolute or relative lack) of suitable jobs, thus deprived of wages as the main source of necessary means of subsistence. In real economic, unemployment acts as an excess of labor over demand.

The extent of unemployment (the number of unemployed) in each specific period of economic development depends on the phase of the business cycle, the rate of economic growth and productivity, the extent to which professional qualification structure of labor corresponds to the existing demand, specific demographics, the state employment policy. Unemployment increases in times of economic crisis and the subsequent depression.

In social terms, unemployment, being associated with the impossibility of one of the fundamental human rights – the right to work – is estimated unambiguously negative. That is the position occupied by the International Labor Organization (ILO), which proclaims principles of active labor market policies in order to achieve a full employment and promote them to the real world implementation.

In one of his sermons on the problems social development and human rights, Pope John Paul II, expressing his opposition to the unemployment, said: “Unemployment is not only the absence of a means for living; this is a kind of spiritual death.” And with this opinion, it is hard not to agree.

Unemployment exacerbates social tension in society, promotes the growth of crime, addiction, disease.

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