Research Report on Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Research Report:

In the socio-economic context of multidimensional crisis, which strongly worsens the economic inequality, social injustice, insecurity, and the feminization of poverty in the world, the practice of so-called popular economy or “subsistence” uses survival strategies with the objective of meeting the practical and strategic needs. It highlights, in a structural way, a social category of poorly integrated women mostly due to illiteracy and lack of proper education, which, however, actually contribute to the economic development and maintenance of social ties outside of any social recognition, economic development, and political integration.

Woman empowerment is granting more power to female individuals or groups to address the social, economic, political, or ecological conditions they undergo.

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The term has been proposed various definition: development of the power to act, accountability, emancipation, or can-do. The concept was born in the early twentieth century in the United States in the context of feminist movement, intended to gain power against a dominant group, the concept has gradually been used in a wider and blurred vision, similar to that of participation. In international institutions, woman empowerment can be used in a neoliberal vision. The idea is now at the heart of policies to fight against poverty and development, particularly in the context of urban policies.

According to Bernard Vallerie, we mark the first use of the term “woman empowerment” in the United States in the early twentieth century. It was then stated by women struggling for recognition of their rights. We also find this concept in the methods of Saul Alinsky’s community organizing in the 1930s, then in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. In 1965, a group of psychologists use the term in the context of community psychology practice. The concept will then spread in many fields and is found in the public policies to fight against poverty.

In Africa, associations fighting against women’s inequality make the promotion of the concept to alleviate the social and economic burden of certain category of poorly integrated women.

International institutions like the World Bank have begun to use the concept in development policy towards women. However, in this case, it is used in a rather individualistic and neo-liberal vision, where people take care to address the failures of States in the field of fundamental rights.

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