Research Report on Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is the complicated idea which defines the human attitude towards her work and lifestyle. It is very difficult to find the balance between one’s career and manner of life, leisure and hobbies, because both processes require much attention and efforts. Most often work and life are the processes which can not be separated from one another. The most evident reason why people work is making money. Very few people work, because they really enjoy their work and strive to be useful for the society. Moreover, the majority of the human after-work activities are connected with expenditures. One should pay for going to the restaurant, a museum, club, etc and he will not have enough money if he does not work, so there should be a balance between these two processes which would help the human being share time for work and for pleasure.

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Speaking about work and health one should admit that these two matters are also interconnected, because if one wants to be healthy, he requires money; on the other hand, one loses his health working hard to earn this money. The issue is very difficult and it is actual only in the developed countries where the individual is really able to create a balance between his work and leisure. One can spend 7 hours at work, then, devote time for self-education, family, friends, hobbies, entertainment, etc, while the people in the developing countries can not afford such a balance working no less than 12 hours per day. The most important components which can help one manage his work-life balance are: time-management, self-management, stress and leisure management. When one learns to manage his time, personal skills and rest, he will create the ideal personal day schedule.

Work-life balance is the important issue for the research, because one should understand the peculiarities and difficulties of the smart management of personal time at work and rest. The student is able to dwell on the explanation of the concept of work-life balance and think about the secrets of the process’s success. The young professional is able to create his own concept on the maintenance of work-life balance with the unique methods, principles and approach towards the issue. Finally, one should compare the approach towards the matter in different countries.

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Custom Research Report on Work Life Balance

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