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Social work is a professional activity with the aim of promoting the people, social groups to overcome personal and social difficulties, by support, protection, correction, and rehabilitation.

In the most general form, social work is a complex social phenomenon, self-contained area of scientific and practical knowledge, skills, and learning discipline.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to know that social work as science can be understood as a field of scientific knowledge about the patterns of process control using internal and external resources of the individual, the family, or the community in situations of violations of social functioning.

The science object is a particular area of the reality, of the phenomena, processes, which is studying the science.

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The object of social work is a system of social relations (sustainable linkages between groups and sectors of society). Some believe that social work is people. However, with that understanding, an individual is seen in the abstract of his social links (and the society is a system). The object of social work is not only individuals but also groups. In social philosophy, Marx said: “Personality is understood as a system of social relations.” Opponents of this view believe that individual as a unique subject is lost with this approach, his content is lost: flattening individual to the social or individual is dissolved in the social. If you are an individual or a group that should be considered in the framework of the social relationships in which they included in real society. Social work studies the same object (the society) as some other social sciences (sociology, for example). Yes, the same object is studied by various sciences, but each of them identifies and explores its particular subject. The purpose of social work is a range of social relationships (social support, social assistance, social rehabilitation), which so far has not been investigated by any science.

The subject of social work are not all social relations, and the relations that are the most problematic, that is leading to destabilization, social disruption, rising social tensions, social conflicts, difficult life situations; as well as the patterns of interaction of actors of social work in optimizing social relations (in the process of forming ability of restoring social subject).

As a professional activity, social work is an activity, aimed at helping people in need (people that need help and cannot help themselves), are not able to solve their problems and, in many cases, to live to without external help.

Any activity, including social work, has its structure, where each item is organically bound and communicates with others, performs its functions. Social work is an integrated structure, which consists of the following elements: actors; content that is revealed through the role; resources (organizational, technical and financial, etc.), management, and purpose.

The object of social work as a profession is on the one hand satisfaction of interests of the client, and on the contrary, the maintenance of social stability. The optimal solution to this problem is to find a compromise between these two objectives.

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