Tips on Writing a PhD Research Proposal

A PhD research proposal is a serious paper which provides students with the right to conduct an investigation of a certain topic and in case of success receive the high doctoral degree. Of course, it is not easy to prepare a well-organized proposal, because there are many obstacles which lie on the way of writing. In order to increase students’ chances to complete a worthy paper the professional PhD proposal writing tips below will be at hand for every student.

  1. Brainstorm a Topic. Naturally, if a student wants to defend such a serious academic degree, he should really impress the commission and research an interesting and thought-provoking topic which has disturbed the academic minds long. Paying attention to the fact that a research proposal paper is a brief prologue to the dissertation project, the topic of the paper should be unique and important. It is better to focus on the narrower problem and research it from all possible sides, than to observe a broad topic without the visible success.
  2. Think about the Purpose of the Research. Every research paper even a doctoral one has its aim and the student is expected to write about the real purpose of the research and prove how his investigation would affect his major discipline or at least a certain branch of the major subject. The topic should be relevant and then it will be easier to define the purpose of writing.
  3. Prepare the Major Questions for the Research. The proposal is a plan of the future great dissertation, so the student is expected to share the core points and questions which he wants to research and why. On the basis of these questions he can construct the body of the proposal trying to answer how the research would help to solve the set questions and what benefits the discipline will achieve from it.
  4. Present the Predicted Results. Like every research paper a PhD proposal has a certain result of the investigation. The student should present the predicted results in the most favourable light in order to make the commission approve the proposal and let him research this very topic in detail and achieve these results in the end. Evidently, the results should be astonishing, worthy and useful.
  5. Complete a Methodology Section. A research paper is impossible without the favourable tools for the research or the methods. It does not worth mentioning that the methodology is the favourite chapter of every professor, because on the basis of this part he evaluates student’s critical thinking skills and abilities to analyse the problem correctly, so the core attention should be paid to it.
  6. Share the Literature Review and Proofread the Proposal. In order to ensure yourself with the successful proposal, choose the most reliable sources for the research and present this section in the right order and format and proofread and edit the paper when it is ready.

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