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Water for Elephants is a historical novel of the Canadian writer Sara Gruen published in the United States in 2006. It was written by the author as part of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, a writing project that takes place every year.

To write a decent research paper on Water for Elephants you should know that the novel plot, which takes place during the Great Depression in the 1930s, when circuses were not in demand by the public and there was no money to feed the animals, tells the story of Jacob Jankowski, who is hired by one of these traveling circuses which then crisscross America.

Jacob Jankowski is bright young vet, who moved from Poland to the United States. On the day of the final exam in Cornell University was reported the death of the young man parents in a car accident. Left alone, Jacob, without having received a diploma, leaves his hometown in hopes of finding work. After a few days of the way he gets on the train, owned circus brothers. Circus is ran by August, the charismatic but brutal and unscrupulous man.

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August, in need of a veterinarian, hires Jacob to work in his circus. At one of the performances Jacob meets with lovely tamer Marlena, Augustus wife. A young man falls in love with her. Marlena soon begins to respond to him in return. However, knowing the character of the owner of the circus, they retain the relationship a secret.

After some time, the horse dies, who participated in the key program and August decides to replace it with elephant. The animal quickly becomes accustomed to Marlena and Jacob, but not to train and angering owner of the circus, one who beat her to death in a fit of rage. Trying to cure elephant, Jacob accidentally discovers that she understands commands in the vet native language – Polish. Thanks to this discovery, the animal quickly mastering new tricks. Room featuring elephant is of great interest of the audience in all cities, the circus starts to earn a lot of money. However, even a runaway success does not soften the character of Augustus, who began to suspect his wife of infidelity. With his characteristic ferocity he decides to get rid of Jacob, dropping him off the train at night. On hearing this, the young man decides to run and calls Marlena along. The girl agrees, they run away, but find their henchmen in August and who returns the tamer to the circus. Literally the next presentation is a tragedy – the circus workers, once again thrown off the train, release wild beasts from cells. The spectators flee in terror. August, who saw Jacob and Marlena together in rage trying to strangle his wife. At this point, the elephant, sensing danger, freed from chains and kills August.

Left without a leader, the circus goes bankrupt. Marlena and Jacob go to work in another circus, get married, buy a house with land for horses and elephant, which they took with them.

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