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McDonald’s Research Proposal

The proposed research project aims to assess the feasibility of establishing a McDonald’s franchised restaurant in the village of Gstaad, Switzerland. In accordance with this report’s scope and scale, the analysis comprises both internal and external factors, while giving special emphasis on McDonald’s unique position, abilities and experience in the fast food market.

Research Questions
Two main questions will be handled in this research:

  • What relevant evidences can support or discourage the feasibility of establishing a profitable McDonald’s restaurant in Gstaad?
  • Based on the findings, should McDonald’s establish a restaurant in Gstaad?

Theoretical framework
In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the research questions, this multidisciplinary research will deal with theories and practices from several fields. These include marketing concepts and methods, strategic management issues and financial evaluation models. In-depth research about the market, the organization and the economic environment will also serve as theoretical input for this study. Continue reading

Tourism Marketing Research Proposal

Tourism marketing is the process of making the tourism industry and its elements popular among tourists. The process of tourism marketing is becoming more and more relevant nowadays, because tourism industry increases its popularity rapidly. Every year millions of tourists travel all over the world improving their background knowledge, broadening their outlook and entertaining. The sphere of tourism marketing is quite wide, because it involves a great number of components which are essential for the quality organization of the successful process of travelling. The businessman who has decided to establish his own tourism business should bear in mind that it consists of numerous elements – recreation, hostels and hotels, restaurants, theme parks, museums, etc.

It is important for the owner to advertise his business in the proper way mentioning the name of the institution, its location, menu, list of services, the climate of the place (for those who are seeking for recreation at the seaside or longing for various winter sports or climbing at the mountains), etc.

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Research Proposal on Workforce Diversity

Workforce diversity is the complex of differences and similarities between the employees of different gender, religious views, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical abilities, etc. The main idea of workforce diversity is to make the working staff different in order to provide the people who belong to ethnic minorities, different sexual orientation, who belong to different culture, etc with the opportunity to work in the same way and in the same conditions as the absolute majority of employees. It is quite natural that people who have physical disabilities, who belong to another ethnic background and have different religious views, are often limited in their opportunities to find a good job and to work in the same way as the rest of people. In the modern time of globalization and increase of the respect of the human rights it is immoral to limit people in the choice of career just because they are different. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Role of Motivation in Learning Process

Motivation in learning process is the action of encouraging the student to develop his knowledge and to get involved into the educational progress. It is natural that the process of education requires the participation of the two sides – the student’s and the teacher’s side. The role of the teacher is not just to provide the student with knowledge and facts on the topic under research but also motivate his learning constructively. There are two types of motivation – outer and inner ones and both types coexist and help student in the process of learning. The outer motivation is the encouragement of the student from the sides of a teacher, parents, friends and the society. Obviously, the student who is motivated, supported and encouraged studies better, because if one becomes interested in education, he is able to learn more material and gain deeper knowledge on the problem. The main teacher’s duty is to make the student interested in the subject, the process of research and improvement of his knowledge and when this aim is achieved, the student will be able to study without any outer motivation. The inner kind of motivation is the student’s personal understanding of the value of education and the benefits which can be gained when the student improves his knowledge and skills.

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Data Analysis Marketing Research Proposal

Data analysis marketing is the process of the scrupulous analysis of the information about the activity of the company for the improvement of the effectiveness of its marketing system. The idea of the data analysis marketing is to observe the core components of marketing through the different channels in order to define the general picture of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy of the business. The importance of data analysis can not be overestimated because the experts require definite and up-to-date information about the success of various techniques in order to see whether the general condition of the company’s marketing policy requires any improvement and alterations. Every company which develops its marketing structure requires the effective management of data about the different forms of its marketing system – online, TV, radio, printed ads, sales, promotions, discounts, etc. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Marketing Communication

Marketing communication or promotion is one the four core elements of marketing mix characterized with the integrated complex of media used for the delivery of information from the producer to consumers or target markets. Marketing communication embraces every activity of the company aimed at the promotion, remembering, persuasion and informing the customers about the goods and services of the firm. Marketing communication includes the informative ads which are supposed to notify the consumer about the existence of the products manufactured by the company or to inform him about the possible changes and improvement of the product. The principal aim of marketing communication is to persuade the consumer in the quality and originality of the product. The customer should want to buy the product without paying attention to its price after watching the ad. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Components of Marketing

Components of marketing are the elements which have to be mentioned during the planning of the marketing strategy of every company. There are many components which are worth attention, but still there are several points which define the success or failure of the marketing strategy of the business. Before the creation of the business plan one should work out the detailed and effective marking strategy which will promote and advertise the product on the market, because without the smart organization of advertising even the best product will never attract attention of the customers.

The most important component of marketing is the research of the market. The expert will need to analyze what products are popular on the market and what target audience buys them. Moreover, one should learn about the competition on the sector of the market in order to understand whether there are chances to attract clients with the help of the production. Then, the expert should describe the product which he wants to introduce on the market. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Leadership Styles and Staff Retention

A leadership style is the behaviour and complex of decisions aimed at the improvement of employee’s work and encouragement people. It is natural that there are many types of leadership which are based on the different approach towards the process and different relations between the boss and his employees. Every company has a specific structure and the leader chooses his own model of staff retention and management which suits to the type of the firm, its goals and priorities.

One is able to define several leadership styles:

  • authoritarian,
  • democratic,
  • paternalistic,
  • transactional,
  • laissez-faire.

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Research Proposal on Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry which observes the principles and methods of separation and detection of the chemical structure of substances. Analytical chemistry appeared earlier than other branches of chemistry and is closely connected with non-organic chemistry. The quality and professional analysis of the substance helps to identify the definite quantity of the selected substance in the solute. The methodology of analytical chemistry is divided into classical and instrumental methods. Classical methods include precipitation, extraction, distillation and work on the quantitative detection of the solute on its colour, scent, temperature and melting point. Moreover, it is possible to measure the size, quantity and weight of the solute. Instrumental methods are quite limited and can measure only certain parameters of the solute – adsorption of light, fluorescence, etc. analytical chemistry appeared at the same time when people started speaking about chemistry and the necessity of separation of the components of solutes into different substances in order to find the right proportions and invent new solutes. Continue reading

Biological Science Research Proposal

Biological science or simply biology is the science which is focused on the life in all its forms; the variety of the living and extinct animals in the world; the human, animal anatomy and structure of plants; the life, development, aging of organisms and other issues which reveal life from all sides. Biological sciences are probably the oldest ones, because the human being has always been interested in the world around, the variety of animals, birds, fish and plants and their structure. The ancient civilizations already had the so called biologists who studied the human and animal anatomy, described the species of animals living in the mentioned area, etc. Obviously, with the run of time and further development of technologies and appliances of the research the quality of the biological analysis and investigation improved rapidly. The experts studied the peculiarities of the composition of the human body, the functions of organs, their diseases and other problems. Continue reading