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Enjoy research paper writing tips from experts. Each article is structured in basic step-by-step guidelines which will help you to write a good research paper or research proposal on any topic.

Research Critique Sample Paper

Authors: Mary A. Lavin, Mary M. Krieger, Geralyn A. Meyer, Mark A. Spasser, Tome Cvitan, Cordie G. Reese, Judith H. Carlson, Anne G. Perry, and Patricia McNary.
Title: Development and evaluation of evidence-based nursing (EBN) filters and related databases
Journal: Journal of the Medical Library Association
Year: 2005 Volume: 93
Issue: 1
Pages: 104-115

Purpose and/or Problem Statement:
Following the notion that evidence-based nursing (EBN) differs materially from evidence-based medicine (EBM), the authors hypothesize that EBN should have its own literature research criteria and methods. Thus, the main objective of this study is clear and straightforward: to refine EBN search and to develop the appropriate search filters. Continue reading

How to Write a Problem Statement for a Research Proposal

A problem statement is the part of a research proposal which is supposed to clarify the purpose of writing the proposal and explain the idea of the research. Obviously, many students still do not know about the right approach towards writing a good problem statement and they can learn several new facts in the logically-designed problem statement writing tips suggested below: Continue reading

How to Write a Formal Research Paper

When the student is asked to compose a formal research paper, he is supposed to prepare an ordinary logical and informative research paper which would observe the problem from all sides and provide the professor with the detailed description of the matter and the methodology of the investigation. If one wants to prepare a quality paper but requires advice, he is able to find it online reading free formal research paper writing tips: Continue reading

Choosing a Research Proposal Topic

A research proposal is the document which demonstrates the student’s ability to analyze things critically, demonstrates his creativity, intelligence and experience. The proposal is a summary of the major research paper, because it contains the list of the most essential points discussed in the research paper and evaluates the importance and relevance of the issue under observation.

Of course, it is important to make the professor or the grant commission interested in the student’s problem under search, so one has to brainstorm the most appropriate research proposal topic which would be close to everybody.

Continue reading

How to Write a Research Proposal on Political Science

A research proposal on political science is a complicated assignment for every student, because one should possess knowledge, writing skills and ability to generate the best topics for the discussion. Political science is a serious discipline which requires specific approach and it is natural that students look for the additional writing help in the Internet. It is easier to understand the principle of writing and the professor’s expectations if the student takes advantage of a the political science research proposal writing tips suggested below. Continue reading

How to Write a Research Proposal on Computer Science

Computer science is a complicated discipline and if the student has decided to prepare a research proposal on the topic related with it, he should be very careful and attentive to succeed in the process of writing. The main complexity of the research proposals on this subject is the creation of the right topic, but if one has questions about the peculiarities of the assignment writing, Computer Science research proposal writing tips will be useful for every student to cope with the job well. Continue reading

How to Write a Research Paper on a Disease

When the student is asked to write about a disease in a research paper, he is supposed to demonstrate his knowledge, writing skills, ability to analyze things critically and prove his own point of view. The research paper is expected to have the right structure, objective analysis of the problem, the methods of its solution and the professional approach towards the research. With the help of the disease research paper writing tips it is possible to prepare a good paper, which would be praised by the professor. Continue reading

How to Write a Research Paper on a Book

Very often students are asked to prepare a good research paper about a certain chosen book.

The process of writing is quite troublesome, because requires patience and knowledge about the technical aspects of writing. Students have the chance to prepare a good assignment with the help of the brief book research paper writing tips below: Continue reading

Do You Need a Research Paper Helper?

Research paper writing is generally a dramatic process for students, because they have to spend much time looking through numerous books and journals in order to find the right facts valuable for the research. The major duty of a student is to demonstrate that he is able to construct a logical and well-formatted paper himself and analyze the suggested topic from all sides revealing his knowledge, intelligence and critical thinking skill, so important for the academic writing. Naturally, research paper writing is a complicated process and inexperienced students require quality instructions and professional piece of advice.

It is obvious that the student will never manage to prepare a quality research paper just following the professor’s advice and recommendations, though they are also very important. In fact, they mainly touch upon the technical sides of the assignment, as every professor often enjoys the visual effect of the paper than its content. Of course, if one wants to go through with the assignment just following the professor’s instructions after numerous revisions, it is his own right, but there are numerous research paper helpers in the Internet which can make the job easier and more effective.

To begin with, there are numerous articles in the internet which provide students with the professional writing tips or the brief instructions which demonstrate the plan of a research paper. The student can follow to the scheme gradually and probably complete a good paper if he is already enough experienced and requires only a hint or a little piece of advice. In this case guidelines and tips are the integral components of the process of writing. Continue reading

Tips on Writing a Research Paper on a Famous Person

A research paper is a complex assignment which is supposed to check the student’s critical thinking skills, knowledge and the ability to apply the right methods on the way of the information processing. A research paper on a famous person is quite a specific assignment, because the student is expected to devote much time to learn about the person much and then evaluate the personality objectively. Here are the quality famous person research paper writing tips, which can inform everyone about the basic approach towards the process of writing. Continue reading