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Research Report: Heat Capacity Ratios for Gases


The values for heat capacity ratio and the molar heat capacity for this experiment at a constant temperature were obtained using the kundt tube. The values for CO2, N2 and AR recorded here display the figures obtained from the lab procedures for expansion method and the speed of sound method. The ratio of heat capacity at constant pressure to heat capacity at constant volume for the three gases: Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Argon were estimated as 1.41(2), 1.29(2), and 1.673(5) by measurement of the speed of sound through the gas. Although the expected possible error for this experiment was a little higher than expected, the values were not far from the expected values basing the equipartion theorem. The values for C, calculated from y, were consistent with the documented literature for carbon (iv) oxide, nitrogen and argon.

The aim of the experiment is:

To Obtain the heat capacity ratio CP/CV using the Sound Velocity method though the use of a Kundt’s tube for the gases Nitrogen, argon dioxide and Argon. The results in this experiment were interpreted basing on the contribution several s degrees of freedom in the molecule of gases to the heat capacity of the compound.

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Psychology Research Report Writing

Psychology is the science which studies psychological phenomena (thinking, emotions, willpower, etc) and the human behaviour which depends on these phenomena. Psychology is a very popular science and the humanity tries not only to get to know about the slightest peculiarities of the human brains but even tries to study the animal psychics giving birth to the so called zoopsychology (analyzing the animal’s behaviour). Psychological knowledge had its beginning in prehistoric times in the magical and mythical tradition. The ancient Greek philosophers first introduced the ideas about the human knowledge and the cause of the certain types of the human behaviour already at that time, because the human being has always been interesting to everyone. No wonder, psychology existed as a part of philosophy for centuries and only in the 19th century is became treated like a separate discipline.

The ancient philosophers managed to study such problems as temperament, the brain activity, the research over emotions and feelings, the theory of motives, the phenomenon of reflexes, etc.

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Research Report on the Effectiveness of Technology in Schools

Technology in schools is application of high technologies in the educational process for the improvement of the students’ results and background knowledge. The actual purpose of technologies is the making of the human lives easier. Engineers create computers which fulfill millions of operations in order to provide people with more time t learn something and to receive quality knowledge about the surrounding world. Due to the development of the information technologies the majority of schools in the USA and other developed countries are equipped with computers and various devices training the peculiar student’s skills. Computers enable students develop their skills efficiently. The most important and probably effective help is provided to the infant students, who are taught reading, writing and arithmetic. It is natural that it is easier to learn in the course of a game and basic computer games on grammar and maths can help students differentiate sounds, syllables, letters, numbers, etc.

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Nursing Research Report Writing

Nursing is a part of the system of healthcare which includes such services as the activity aimed at the maintenance of the human health, prevention of diseases, supply of the psychosocial help and care to the people who have physical and psychological problems and to the disabled people who can not work and fulfill various physical operations. The sphere of nursing is extremely varied and depends on the country and culture and the quality of the healthcare system of the particular region. In one area a nurse is a simple assistant of a physicist and in the other place a nurse has to substitute all possible doctors providing people with first aid and quality healthcare assistance on various diseases. On the one hand, a nurse is not supposed to provide one with all possible help, on the other hand this occupation has a universal character and the nurse has to be aware about the basics of this job. The founder of nursing was Florence Nightingale, the British nurse, who suggested the healthcare reform for the improvement of the medical services.

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Research Report on Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is the complicated idea which defines the human attitude towards her work and lifestyle. It is very difficult to find the balance between one’s career and manner of life, leisure and hobbies, because both processes require much attention and efforts. Most often work and life are the processes which can not be separated from one another. The most evident reason why people work is making money. Very few people work, because they really enjoy their work and strive to be useful for the society. Moreover, the majority of the human after-work activities are connected with expenditures. One should pay for going to the restaurant, a museum, club, etc and he will not have enough money if he does not work, so there should be a balance between these two processes which would help the human being share time for work and for pleasure.

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Research Report on Nokia

Nokia is a Finnish transnational company which produces telecommunication devices for mobile and other IP networks and the former manufacturer of mobile and smart phones. According to the information of the year 2013, the staff of the company is no more than 100 thousand employees in comparison with the end of 2010s when the number of employees was 132 thousand people. The company’s production is sold in more than 150 countries of the world. From 2000 to 2011 Nokia was the most successful manufacturer of mobile phones and occupied the most profitable position on the market. In 2011 Nokia started to cooperate with the US giant Microsoft rejecting from its own operation system for the mobile devices Symbian and substituting it with Windows Phone.

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Research Report on Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the systematic process which is characterized with the creation, accumulation, distribution and application of knowledge for the development of the company. Nowadays, knowledge is the most important factor for the development of every firm, because only knowledge can provide one with the right strategy of development and improvement of the production. According to the point of view of the experts in this field knowledge management is the complex of processes with the help of which the company accumulates wealth relying on the intellectual or achieved in the process of production knowledge. The process of company’s development depends on accumulation of valuable knowledge and this knowledge can be received with the help of the certified employees who have spent many years learning something new about their occupation and with the help of personal experienced which is received with the working experience.

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Research Report on Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are the important processes aimed at the employment of the most appropriate people into the staff who will fulfill their duties in the right way. Every company which wants to carry out business professionally should hire the best minds who can work effectively and bring profit to the company. The process of recruitment and selection is quite complicated, because it is difficult to find the right people in the right time. When the firm wants to find the appropriate employees for its staff, it organizes special recruitment sessions which are supposed to attract a great number of applicants. The process of recruitment is organized by the senior managers who are aware about the standards and the criteria which a good employee should possess.

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Research Report on Performance Management

Performance management is the activity aimed at the control over the work of the company, group of people and the separate employee, in order to make sure that the duties are fulfilled in the right way according to the required standards and plans. The term performance management was first mentioned in 1970 during the discussion of the improvement of the employees’ work and the intensive improvement of their productiveness. Every organization where there is a manger: a business, a school, a hospital, etc has to evaluate its performance all the time in order to make sure that the company works in the right direction. In order to make sure that the employee does his job well, that he takes enough efforts and devotes enough time to complete the job the special criterion on performance management was invented.

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Research Report on Inflation

Inflation is gradual process of the constant increase of prices which means the reduction of the price of money. One should understand that inflation touches upon the prices on all goods and services simultaneously, because if the prices increase only on the selected products like oil and gas but such goods as clothes, food products, etc remain of their stable price level, the process has nothing to do with inflation. It is simply the increase of the cost of the oil and gas caused by the definite factors. Inflation is something else and different economic schools have not decided yet about the origin and the factors which cause inflation. The most obvious impact of inflation is the reduction of the quality of life. People notice that they can buy fewer products that they could have bought before.

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