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Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, or Roman civilization was a cultural and political entity that emanated from the city of Rome, according to tradition, founded in 753 BC, and is considered the culture that played the biggest role in world history. From being a city under Etruscan rule Romans explained themselves independent around 509 BC and founded the Roman Republic. In time, the city grew ever stronger, form alliances with neighboring city-states and challenge the Etruscan kingdom in the north. In 396 BC, Romans conquered one of the Etruscans important cities, Veii, after six years of siege. Expansion continued, and in 264 BC, Rome controlled the entire mainland Italy south of the Po Valley. The greatest military challenge during this time came from the city of Carthage in North Africa.

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Between the years 264-146 BC, there were the three so-called Punic Wars between these powers. The last war ended with Rome razed Carthage to the ground and that the Romans spread salt so nothing would grow.

In 83 BC, a civil war erupted between the two generals Lucius Sulla and Gaius Marius. Sulla invaded Rome and proclaimed himself a dictator, but resigned after two years. In 60 BC, Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Marcus Licinius Crassus formed a triumvirate, which meant that the three shared the power. In-fighting erupted however between the three and Caesar could, after defeating his rivals, govern the kingdom as a dictator from 47 BC to 44 BC when he was assassinated by his rivals. He already had before appointed his sister Julia’s grandson Gaius Octavius ??as his successor on the throne. Octavius ??ruled successfully Roman Empire in fifty-six years; he stabilized the borders, restructured the state administration, improved infrastructure, facilitated trade, and carried out important cultural projects. In 27 BC, Senate gave him the name Augustus, meaning “sacred” or “venerable.” This marked the transition from republic to empire in the history of Rome. From that time, Rome was a unified empire with power in the hands of the emperor.

Roman Emperor was usually divided into the Principate and the Dominate. Principate, ranging between 27 BC -284, took its name from the emperor’s name princeps senatus (“the first man”). Dominate extends from 284 to 305. In 324 Christianity became officially recognized and a national church was founded. The Roman Empire was plagued by this time of unrest around boundaries.

The history of the Roman Empire with probably the Bible stories were the best known in Western culture, but at present it is difficult to distinguish between mythology and reality. There are very few written sources until the outbreak of the First Punic War 264 BC, in addition to lists of officers and warfare.

The Roman historian Livy and Virgil’s works were accepted entirely as historical facts presented to BG Niebuhr’s seminal studies 1811-12.

During the remainder of the 1800s Roman history were exposed for a critical review, which peeled off more and more of fairy story. During the 1900s, developed a partially hyper critical historical research of the Ancient Rome, represented by among others Einar Gjerstad but in recent decades a belief in the written source material have increased.

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