Biological Warfare Research Paper

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Biological warfare is a way of war with the use of life forms (plants, fungi, viruses, and bacteria) or toxic chemicals that are produced by life forms.

The materials these organisms produce are relatively inexpensive and readily available. They are often self-produce. The knowledge of what one needs to do to make such a weapon is available worldwide and this means that the biological weapons production is considerably easier than producing, for example, nuclear or chemical weapons. Nuclear and chemical weapons are highly advanced technology and highly specific materials are needed, but for a biological weapon, basic laboratory equipment is sufficient. Botulinum toxin, for example, is one that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is more toxic than chemical weapons such as sarin and tabun. It occurs worldwide in the soil and is not difficult to grow.

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For terrorist organizations, biological warfare is in theory an attractive alternative. An attack with a bioweapon can cause a lot of anxiety and victims. It is also an effective means with a small reservoir of manpower and resources.

For an effective attack, the products have to be distributed, usually as an aerosol, for their further inhalation. However, it is not so simple technically, and may be life-threatening for the perpetrator of the attack himself.

A cost analysis per infested square kilometers has shown that the conventional cost ratio: Nuclear: Chemical: Biological express as 2000:800:600:1. With every dollar spent on biological weapons can inflict so much damage as $ 2,000 spent on conventional weapons. Biological weapons are thus an attractive alternative for poorer nations and terrorists.

No effective protection against many bioweapons exists. Well you can be vaccinated against a number of pathogens. Medical research to combat various pathogens is still going on. When spreading bioweapons military can protect themselves by wearing their CBRN suits (CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear). These will protects them from breathing polluted air. The CBRN suit also protects them from spraying and aerosol attacks.

Biological warfare is already very old. South American Indians covered their weapons with curare poison or the poison dart frog. The Mongol conquerors under Genghis Khan forced sometimes unruly city to its knees by victims of plague bodies shot with catapults over the city walls. Also in medieval Europe, besiegers threw corpses victims of plague over the walls of a city or in the drinking water in order to break out the disease in the besieged city.

English archers had the habit of not retrieve their arrows straight from the quiver, but they first were stabbing the arrows in the ground before them, so they not could only shoot quickly in succession, but the arrows were also infected with bacteria in the soil so that the risk of infection (e.g., tetanus) in individuals who were hit were bigger.

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